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    2013....and now 2017....the same request.
    Thinking the jefit development team its not interested to add this feature.
    Its a pity.

    Seriously im starting to search another app....i was very confortable with this app...have almost 3 years of my workouts here....
    I really need to add pictures to customs routines.


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    Developing social networking features are where it's all at (unfortunately).

    I can understand why they would not want people's pictures for custom exercises to be automatically shared with other users or even uploaded to their servers. Otherwise some people would abuse this and add inappropriate/offensive pictures which would require a lot of resource to moderate. But I agree it would be really helpful if such a feature was available but confined to just the individual user's mobile device.

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    how is this still not a feature in the app? Would love to know if any other competing app has this ability?

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    The main reason for this feature not being implemented yet, is probably the server load/traffic.
    Uploading all the pictures during the sync process would be quite an ordeal, therefore I would suggest to just save the pictures locally on the phones.
    Please add this feature since it is so very much asked for.

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    I am waiting since many years for that. I can not understand why we are waiting so long.

    And I can not understand why nobody from the supporters write something to that topic since so many years!

    They can add that feature only in offline mode to bypass too high traffic or concerns about picture rights.

    But nobody tell us what the support thinking about that feature. Thats a very customer unfriendly behavior.

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    +1 but my advice is to raise things like this via [email][/email] rather than posting it on these forums. I've found their service, especially in recent times, to be excellent.

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    Here is an android example of the images I would like to put onto m own routine for suspension training: [URL=""][/URL]
    here is an iOS example:

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    Still not added as a feature 4 years later...lazy.

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    Very good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCoachmo View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by adulovic View Post
    really a must have in 2016
    Really a must have in 2017
    Really a must have in 2018

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