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    Fantastic post! Thanks Rob!!

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    Hi Robert:

    Saw this post linked from a feed aggregator. Great info. Quick question tho... how many calories per day are you doing? It looks lower than what I'd have expected.

    I'm 46 right now and my workouts are Krav Maga, bag classes, and a few strength training classes that my gym offers. Most of them use body weights/bands/kettle bells. Going for lean muscle mass. My body fat is currently hovering at just over 20%, which is what I'm really trying to drop (weight at around 192).

    Assuming ~6 one hour classes per week at the gym, some of which can burn close to 800 calories, I shoot for ~2300 calories per day. I was lower for a while, shooting for ~1700, but found that while I was losing weight, I wasn't dropping body fat, so actually burning muscle. Was told to increase the calories to ~2300.

    Clearly, you've got the results. I'm just struggling to find that perfect calorie # and ratio of protein/carbs/fats (currently at 40/30/30) for me.


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    This really helps a lot. Thanks so much for sharing!

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