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Thread: 8-hour diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilari View Post
    Hey guys with knowlegde and rickdennis with old rumours.
    You both really should go to [url][/url] and [url][/url] - there is LOTS of very good guides how intermittend fasting works and how you should eat and train while fasting with Leangains method.
    16 hours per day is fasting and in rest of 8 hours you should eat daily calories from rightfully calculated macros.
    Go there and learn for yourself - I did and I feel better and stronger than ever! Ou´ and like WolverineX said about hunger feeling - I wont feel starving or hungry even after 16h fasting, but still have to eat daily calories to keep going without losing muscles!
    Good advice. There is more than one way to skin a cat. I've written a lot about IF at my blog [url][/url] and another good source of info is Nate Miyaki at [url][/url] , who writes for T-Nation etc and is a pretty lean guy, although he is more into asthetics than pure size.

    IF could be negative if one doesn't follow some protocols for maintaining lean muscle mass, but if you do it right, it's not an issue, and it also fits very well into many people's lifestyles.

    I definitely prefer 16:8 fasting, I think there is potential for muscle loss if you pursue long stints of fasting, 48 hour ,that sort of thing.


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    I am curious about fasting and I've been reading a few articles about it. I still haven't decided if this is good for me though. I'll check out the links that some of you provided here. Thanks!

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    I started eating within an 8 hour window last week. 12-8. I'm 5'1" F and teeter between 146-150. I do cardio about 5 times a week, weight room 4-5 x's, and teach a Piyo class once (2 starting this week). I have been faithfully working out for almost a year now and nothing has given me the results as fast as I've already noticed just in the past week. I do take a thermo and stack it only on the days I work out. Not being able to eat until noon is giving me the perfect opportunity to get in some fasted cardio. I haven't been real hungry. I actually skipped breakfast anyway most of my adult life. I still have coffee, water, green tea. I am also taking in 1500-1700 calories in that 8 hour period and hitting my macros. Nothing has worked so far. I know too it's harder seeing the results when trading the fat for muscle, and that takes some time, but my energy levels haven't suffered at all so far. I'm sleeping better too.

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    Fasting is good idea and i have tried this idea many times for getting fitness and weight lose. Fasting helps us in losing weight and fat quickly. I suggest everyone to try fasting because its a good [URL=""]diet program[/URL].
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