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    motivational music

    I listen to the classical station on iheart radio..Bach, Beethoven, mozart etc. clears the mind and let's me have a way better workout!

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    I work out in the morning before i go to work so I usually just listen to the radio for a quick news fix, alongside with whatever the gym is playing in the background!

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    D12 aint nuttin but music

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    My gym plays all of these so called "Top 40 Hits" which is just a mix of Will.I.Am, Bruno Mars, Adele, Rihanna and more.

    I can't listen to that stuff at all or I would absolutely lose my mind haha.

    I would listen to the news in the morning but need to get my Incubus and Red Hot Chilis Pepper fix on to get amped up for work
    Bruno Mars and Adele may not be the best workout companion, but they are not bad to listen to in my opinion..hehe.

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    Metallica and any other hard metal. Today right before I started my close hand press "The thing that should not be" came on. Super pumped me up, it was
    amazing! I almost always put my music on shuffle so I'm always surprised.

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    I love metal for my lifting. Drum & bass for sprinting & cardio. But mostly metal such as Black Sabbath or metallica!
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