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    Finding it hard to choose a routine to add to current workout

    So I already do a a few classes and some other stuff but Id like to add some extra muscle but this is where it becomes complicated on working out what to add, I also need to keep good general/cardio fitness as have a few running/obstacle races coming up.

    So my current regime:

    Monday - Body combat class - Mainly cardio with a bit of muscle workout minus any weights
    Tuesday - Body pump
    Wednesday bootcamp - General fitness
    Thursday - ultimate frisbee - Can easily abandon this for something else
    Fri/sat/sun - Currently nothing but happy to add something in

    Also I do like the classes as they are a bit more entertaining, another thing is my gym is good but it doesnt have all the machines, I do need to walk round and have a look, was thinking about doing the train like a warrior routine from Jefit and not doing classes for a few months and seeing how it goes, my cardio at the end would be something like a 30 min run.

    Any ideas? advice?

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    You seem to be asking your body to make a lot of adaptations all at once. I would suggest putting some things in maintenance mode and focusing on one performance goal. That is, do only the bare minimum to maintain and maybe even let them slide a little.

    I completely understand the cardio dilemma. My employer requires me to maintain a pretty high level of cardiovascular fitness. Keep in mind, cardio will hinder your ability to increase strength. Maintaining your cardio can be done on much less than 30min sessions. Consider some short sprint interval sessions instead. They will allow you to maintain (maybe even improve) your cardiovascular fitness and will have the least impact on strength gains.

    If you are new to strength training and looking for a solid foundation, take a look at "Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe. No need to get fancy. Big compound movements that deliver quick results. I would suggest finding someone at your gym who is skilled in the movements to coach you.

    This is the closest I could find to Mark's work but you might have more success:[URL=""] [url][/url][/URL]

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