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    Question/Advice on current routine

    I started at 187 pounds with a big gut and hit the gym in January, as well as watching calories on MyFitnessPal. I am now 156 pounds, and I am not worried about my weight in pounds, but focused on my body fat percentage (I believe I am around 20%). I started running in April with a goal of 6mph, and I can now run up to 7.5mph. I then started lifting with a mix of free weights in May, along with my running.

    I would run every day, and lift every other day. I have increased my protein count, and reduced my carb intake. I have also changed my routine to working on lifting M, W, F and running on T, TH, and S. I would really like to reduce my body fat more and build more muscle, and get the elusive six pack (I also do a bunch of crunches on lift days). My question is, am I doing too much lifting in one day, and is the running effecting me? Should I reduce my running and spread out my muscle groups over the whole week? I'm going on 33 years old and have dropped almost two waist sizes (right around 34 inch waist). My current arm measurement is 13". I'm no arnold, but I am getting in shape. I currently consume around 1300 calories without exercise and around 1500-1700 after exercise. I believe I have hit a plateau because I bounce between 156-157 and only see minor gains in lifting. Any advice on the best approach would be helpful. Thanks.

    On average on my lifting days I usually do:

    3 sets of 10 reps with weights going from 90-150 pounds benching on the smith machine
    3 sets of 10 reps on machine assisted pull ups
    3 sets of 20-30 reps 250-380 lbs. on leg press
    3 sets of 10-25 reps 20-35 lbs. dumbbell curls standing free weights
    3 sets of 10-20 reps 150-200 lbs lat pull down
    3 sets of 10-20 reps on 50-125 pounds on preacher curls
    3 sets of 10-20 reps of 100-140 overhead press
    2 sets of 10 reps 50 lbs. on overhead barbell free weight
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    Look up your BMR on the internet using your height weight age etc that will give you the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight if you do nothing

    Your not going to build muscle whilst losing fat (atleast no real amount) to lose fat as im sure you know less calories in than you expend equals weight loss and more calories in than you expend equals weight gain

    6 pack is 90% diet get your bodyfat low enough and youll see it sit ups leg raises crunches etc will help build the muscles up (treat abs like any other muscle dont do 1039382 sit ups a day like some people 3 sets of 10-20 is plenty)

    In terms of lifting id suggest doing 10-12 reps max per set so you fail between the 9th or 12th rep heavier weights

    Ermm drop sets supersets circuit training are ways you can turn the weight lifting into a way to help keep your heart rate up and burn fat whilst building strength and muscle
    E N G L A N D!

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    I think you need to focus on one goal at a time. Do you want 6 pack abs OR more muscle? What is more important to you? Personally, I'd focus on the muscle first... but that's me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    am I doing too much lifting in one day
    No. Looks about right but I do notice some imbalances. You have a horizontal (bench press) and a vertical (overhead press) push, but no horizontal pulls (rows of various types). You isolate your biceps, but what of your triceps? And your one lower body exercise is leg press?

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    is the running effecting me
    Yes. Look at the difference of build between distance runners and sprinters. Typically, distance runners (though they may weigh less overall) hold a greater body fat percentage (they have jiggles and wiggles). Sprinters may weigh more overall (more muscle mass) but have a much lower body fat percentage.

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    Should I reduce my running
    When you run is it primarily low intensity, aerobic activity? If your answer is yes, then my answer is yes. Try switching to high intensity, anaerobic cardio work. Try mrwright's advise above of adding drop sets, super sets and circuit training to your workout. Look up Tabata training and H.I.I.T.

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    Should I... spread out my muscle groups over the whole week?
    If you want to focus on getting big, you may want to try split type training.

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    Thanks for the responses. Next week I am going to change up my routine by splits on 3 days of different muscle groups and I plan to increase my calorie intake by 100 calories or so each week to increase bulk.

    I would like to achieve the six pack, and increase my muscle mass overall. I'm not looking to be a body builder, but I would like to have bigger arms and be more cut overall.

    The running I am doing is mostly 30 minutes of 6-7mph every other day. I split up my crunches on multiple days, you are correct. One of the first things I learned was to not work out the same muscles every day, you have to give them time to recover and abs are the same way.

    What is "drop sets supersets circuit training" ?

    Thanks for your help guys, I will use this to help guide me.

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    They may not feel like cardio... but believe me, they'll get your heart rate going!

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    What is drop sets.
    Three or four mini sets of an exercise performed without rest, using a lighter weight (a drop) for each successive set. Also called descending sets or strip sets because your training partners strip (or drop) a plate off the bar (10% to 20% of total weight) before continuing with the next mini set. Drop sets are a tool you use sparingly... maybe once or twice a week max.

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    What is super sets.
    Two different exercises performed in a row without stopping between them and counting both exercises as only one set. Technically, "super sets" target opposing muscle groups and "compound sets" target the same muscle group (a compound set for triceps would maybe be a dumbbell tricep kickback and a cable tricep press-down).

    Quote Originally Posted by Longashes View Post
    What is circuit training.
    Several different exercises (targeting different muscle groups) with little no no rest between them. One complete round of the different exercises make one set... or "circuit". When one circuit is complete, you rest a bit then begin the first exercise again for the next circuit. In my opinion, don't do ANY traditional cardio on days you plan to do circuit training. AND... don't try to go too heavy or you'll end up on the floor feeling like you need more oxygen than humanly possible to breath in.

    (from Wikipedia)
    Typical activities include:

    Squat ups
    Bench dips
    Back extensions
    Pull ups
    Medicine ball chest pass
    Bench lift
    Inclined press up

    Core & trunk
    Sit ups (lower abdominals)
    Stomach crunch (upper abdominals)
    Back extension chest raise

    Squat jumps
    Compass jumps
    Astride jumps
    Step ups
    Shuttle runs
    Hopping shuttles
    Bench squat

    Squat thrusts

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    Thanks! That sounds a lot like the Pit workout video which is anerobic. I want to punch the tv whenever I do that, it's freakin killer. I hate the word burpee after doing that workout.

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