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    Is warm up necessary before a workout ?

    I want to know that whether warm up needs to be done before every workout? Actually i start my workout without doing warmup or after doing a very light warmup. So can anybody advice me whether a good warmup is necessary prior to every workout ?

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    Yeah they are - to be honest it's not necessarily the muscles per se that are susceptible to injury if you don't warm up properly (though of course that's a risk); the real danger area are tendons and ligaments. You really don't want to be injuring your tendons because the recovery time can take between 2-4 weeks; a lot of people train through the pain - which is mild a first - and that can extend the recovery time to between 6-12 months.

    So warming up is necessary, but I'd do it specifically to allay the potential for tendon / ligament damage.

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    I agree with's the ligaments/tendons that need it the most. Warming up is boring and if you're crunched for time it's easy to rush through or skip all together but it is just too important to skip.

    Unlike your muscles, your ligaments and tendons don't have a lot of vascularity and need proper warm-up to get some blood flow and become supple and mobile. Imagine a dried out rubber band vs a new rubber band...Which would you prefer to bounce a weight from? This problem becomes worse as we age. So the more mileage on the system the greater the risk.

    Like Winston said, due to limited blood flow, recovery is often difficult and can take a very long time. Unfortunately, it took a pretty good tendon injury for me to realize just how important warm-up's are. Recovery from that injury took over a year because I foolishly kept trying to get back at it before I properly healed.

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    Yes ,,warm up is necessary before gym. If you not warm up your body and start take a heavy load. It could be cause of bone harm in your body. So, in my point of view carefuller about this matter.

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    We all know the importance of exercise in our life. Warm up before exercise has its own importance. We do exercise because of various reasons such as for building muscles, losing weight, fat loss, getting fit etc. it is very necessary that you should do workout warming in a proper way.

    A warm up exercise will prepare you mentally and you can do your exercise with proper mind set. This will reduce the chances of injury. Apart from this if you are taking your warm up in the oxygen to your body. There is also importance of Pre-workout supplements before exercise as they increase the level of energy as well as performance in your body. There are many supplements and when I was searching for one I came across [URL=""]USP Jack3d supplement[/URL] which is a dietary supplement product. Pre-workout supplements increase you’re alertness and energy for whole day and athletes use supplements to improve their performance.

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    There has been new research out there that has been suggesting that the best time to do your stretches is actually later in the day. The idea goes as you weight train in let's say in the morning your muscles are pretty loose. They tighten and stiffen up as the day goes on. If you do your stretching approx 2 hours before bed time you will benefit more from this and get a better sleep. Plus have less soreness in the morning.

    Has anyone else heard about this?

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    Think about a run out rubberband vs a new rubberband...Which would you want to jump a weight from? This problem becomes more intense as we age. So the more usage on the system the higher the threat.
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