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    That's a sad thing to hear. Jefit is the app I miss the most on my windows phone. Let's at least hope that this future won't be too far away...

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    Sad and unfortunate. I want to switch to windows phone so bad, but the Jefit app and one other are two apps I use on a dialy basis. There are no equal alternatives either.

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    Switching from Android to Windows - JEFIT for Windows?

    Are you gus any closer to deciding if you're going to broaden your market and make JEFIT available for Windows phones?

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    Would love to see this on Windows phone.

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    I can understand the economics behind not providing an app for Windows Phone, even if I don't agree with the decision. However, Jefit really needs a servicable mobile site, which would serve as a stopgap for Windows Phone/Blackberry/Whatever and could even be wrapped by something like PhoneGap. I would happily use Jefit in the browser in lieu of an app, if it was mobile friendly. It would serve as a useful fallback for the iOS/Android platforms as well, should those apps ever have support issues.

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    Gym Builder, is the closest thing to Jefit available in the Windows app store.

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    Really love Jefit, hate that I'm not able to get it on my new Windows Phone.


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    We really need a Windows Phone app

    Windows Phone has a big community and there's a clear need for JEFIT on WP. Please reconsider whatever previous decisio you've made regarding an app for Windows Phone. The user base has grown a lot since this thread was started.

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    I've been looking for this on Windows phone for over a year now. Please port your app!

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    Windows phone app!!

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