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    It depends on what you want if you want to reduce your weight or be fit and healthy from inside and outside both you should definitely go for yoga , but if you want a well toned body will full of muscles and all yoga is not gonna give you any of it.Read blog to know more- [url][/url]

    But yoga is the most efficient, long lasting and powerful set of practices that would improve your fitness more efficiently than weight tanning.

    If you often felt horrible about being overweight or having a bad digestive system despite having a little or limited amount of food, then yoga could be the most relevant exercise that you should start practicing. The best thing about yoga is that it doesn

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    Here's my two cents, stress is a poison to your body; it slowly builds up and causes a slew of medical problems. Working out is the opposite, a cure if you would that slowly eliminates these stressers by self improving. That being said, this is not for everyone. Stress can be slowly eliminated by any hobby, anything that self improves and allows your mind to relax or enter a state of focus. Exercising is just one of those way's you can target and eliminate stress.Anyhow great read well written, well done

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    I guess laughing is a very good form of exercise. Stress relieve involves a sound and happy mind. Laughter could be the best medicine. But laughter alone can't be helpful if a person try to avoid physical exercise. Am I right?

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    The real facts

    Exercise will definitely help you in reducing your weight, body fat or decrease your bulging belly but exercise or gym will not help you in relaxing from your strerss.
    I will separately tell you that what are the effects of different exercises and how to reduce your stress; to know more you would check this website [url][/url]
    Exercise -like martial arts and gym will help you with-
    It will directly effect in increasing the condition of the health of our heart, a survey tells that a person who practiced martial arts for 10 years have never died due to heart attack or heart problem.But on the other hand In India one person die in every 33 minutes due to hear attack. On other hand just heart attack killed over half of Indian pollution till date according to UN health report.
    It also helps us for removing the extra fat of our body and make our body looks more toned.
    Martial arts improve our reflexes and retention powers.
    improvising reflexes
    Only a very fast and effective reflex can make a person a good martial artist in order. There is some private organization research reports claiming that by participation in martial art you just not improve your reflexes while performing the activity, but, actually experience its impact reflexes during other all activities you perform in your life. It has very positive impact in daily activities such as driving, cooking, phone calls etc.

    [URL=""]improved mood[/URL]
    There is much research conducted on human psychology, that is yet very positive to found that participation in a regular exercise routine is one of the best way to improve your mood. Being in the elite club of exercise activities, martial arts is the only good way to relieve stress and frustration but may actually help you to make you happier. It

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    Exercise decreases cortisol levels and increases the levels of our happy hormones. But a clean diet also deals with the same hormones and reduces our stress and anxiety.

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    Fitness is great way to relieve stress no doubt but on the last my gym session I went too far and hurt my left leg. I thought that it was a simple stretching but the leg is hurting for a couple of days and I had to go to the doctor. As a result after a few analyses and examine on imagining machine like this one [url][/url] I was diagnosed with рernia of the knee joint. So be careful with your intensive trainings.

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    By the way, still perfectly removes stress after work or just a heavy day, this massage. I found [url][/url] they make an excellent massage for me. After him I feel like newly born. I like that the massage affects the body positively and heals completely
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    [QUOTE=achrafmejgou;51756]Exercise may not be the most exciting word in your vocabulary, but it sure has a lot of benefits. Participating in daily exercise not only makes us healthier in general, it can diminish the effects of stress on our bodies as well.

    How many times have you heard someone proclaim?

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