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    My Before and "In Progress" ;-)

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    While I've noticed gains myself, I didn't think I'd made enough gains for anyone else to see the change in my physique. That is, until I compared my current pictures with my before pictures. This is after two months of working out. I can't wait to see two months from now!

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    hey dude. care to share your workout program/meal plan?

    edit: is it this one? impressive progress!

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    That is my workout, superhansa! It's got me the best results in the shortest amount of time I've ever experienced in my life.

    On my personal blog, I also detailed how I use progressive loading, and Jefit's 1RM Record system to figure it out, for maximum gains. Here's the link: [url][/url]

    As for diet, I don't follow one carefully. I don't count calories or stick with a specific plan, though I'm guessing that I eat clean. (I haven't researched it enough to know for sure.) Essentially, I eat predominantly lean meats (lots of chicken and fish,) I make sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables each day and I avoid all carbs that are not complex. I also supplement with protein shakes, adding 100 additional grams of protein to what I'm consuming each day to equal at least one gram of protein per pound of my body weight.

    Edit: I should also mention that I walk to my gym on workout days since I don't do any cardio. It's .9 miles away, so I put in a 1.8 mile walk three times a week. However, I'm struggling to get rid of the fat on my midsection to reveal my abs, so I'm considering adding cardio soon.
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    Great progress on the hairstyle also. :-)

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    That's a lot of progress in 2 months! Congrats.

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    its really amazing goal in just 2 month!
    about me i droped 10KG in 2 mounth but i didnt got that much muscles like you, great job am happey gor you keep going,
    also please can you share for us what your plan?

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