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    My name is JD. I just got out of the military and now looking to become bigger than what the military would allow me to be. They were more amped up on endurance and running. But, I'm looking to get massive and toned up so good thing I can do that when I'm out. I have two kids and a wife. I'm also a nursing student so pretty much time is a constraint for me. I may be here and there looking for some motivation because I definitely will need it since my day is pretty must tasked with general life stuff. So hit me up if you can help me out or if you want to be friends so we can keep each other going.

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    I definitely appreciate it, sir. I will be around here and looking around for at least a decent workout for about 1 hour per day to get back into the shape I want to be in. It is a very nice app. I have seen a couple people use it and I definitely like it compared to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdeschaine1985 View Post
    My name is JD. I just got out of the military.
    Hi JD, welcome and THANK YOU for your service. I have 3 young kids and began teaching them very early that true heroes are our police, fireman, public servants and military!

    I am also looking to become much bigger over the coming months on very strict time constraints so we have a lot in common. I look forward to watching your progress and let me know if there is any assistance or encouragement I can provide as well!

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    Hello all, my name is tom, and i im currently still serving in the military. Jd i feel your angst about wanting to get bigger than the mob will allow, there is a great stigma set against bodybuilding in the job, as anyone who looks bigger and trains weights more than 3 times a week is automatically assumed to be on gear! And this is illegal and a sackable offense.
    This being said, ive been bodybuilding now for 1 year and making good progress. Before sept 12, id never lifted a weight and pure cardio 3 times a week was my staple diet of phys. Its been a great experience so far and i dont think i will ever turn back.
    Jd, i see that your inital message was 2011, i am interested to know how its been converting to civvy life and how your traing has been going. Hope to hear from you.
    Ps zeke, i appreciate the comment even though i wasnt the intended receiver.

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