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    1. People who load three machines and kinda alternate between them and hog them so no-one else can use em.
    2. People who load a machine and then stand by it and talk for half an hour when they see others waiting to use them.
    3. When people leave completely unrelated equipment in the wrong area... Other day I had to kick an exercise ball out the way to get to the deadlift rack.
    4. Not really a peev and not really been a problem for me but if you see a dude at the gym on his own battling through his heavy sets. Spot the poor guy!

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    The group of lads who just turn up for a laugh and a chat 4 of them stand about do about 45 sets of 5kg curls with no effort while chattin

    Also anyone bigger than me! Haah

    The guys that have no idea whst there doing yet load up about 300kg onto the bar or do some wierd dance with the cables
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    1) Folks doing their arm workouts in the squat rack
    2) Folks hogging more than 1 station for their super sets X infinity
    3) Old dudes just hanging out for a long chat while NUDE in the locker room
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    Pet Peeves

    1. People that don't re Rack their weights. Lets see I need a 40lb bell, 40lb bell, 40lb bell. Where the hell are all the 40lb bells ? Why are they scattered all across the weight room. Ahh... crap i'm gonna have to settle for these 35lbs instead.

    2. People that just come to socialize at the gym. Guy leaning on the squat racks chatting with the guy who just finished doing squats hogging up the machines. Oh let me just put my towel here. Maybe my gym bag too. Oh hey how you been. Do you even bench bro.

    3. People not wiping their sweat off the seats. Ehh bro

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    People grabbing dumbbells and starting to exercise right there in front of the rack. Can't they take two steps back and let others access? I remember standing like a fool with two forty-pounders in my hands, waiting for the real fool to finish his lat raises so I can put the weights back where they belong.

    People putting their personal belongings on a bench and walking away for 10 minutes. There is a way to get the gym to yourself - it's called home gym. Don't hog puplilc property.

    Leaving weights on a bar. Agreed, you can leave two large plates on bench press bar because pretty much everyone is using them. But what's wrong with the guy who loads up the leg press, does his one rep, and waltzes away? Same with deadlifts. I understand, you are really, really strong, how about some show of character?

    And, yes, people leaving random DNA samples all over equipment - learn to use a towel!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    1.) God no offense to some people but that really annoys me at times when I am trying to workout or put some weights back and some random person comes up, picks up the 40lbs and then continues to do bicep curls in front of the mirror to either get attention or completely lacking respect to walk to an empty space and do your workout.
    I thought this would be hard to beat, but today I saw two guys planning their workout right in front of the rack.

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    Funny thread hahaha. Honestly, not much bothers me at the gym. Weights all in the wrong place, no big deal. People chatting it up or hogging equipment.. I have no problem asking them nicely if they are using it or when they'll be done. People sweating on stuff.. big deal, if it's soaked I'll clean it myself. Naked dudes in the locker room, I don't look any more than I had to.

    ok, ok, there is one thing that gets me. There's always dudes walking around like they can't put their arms down and you'd better get out of their way. Which is fine. Except if I'm carrying a heavy +100lb weight after 4 intense sets, and I'm heading to re-rack that sumbitch and some guy with NO weight in his hand acts like I need to move out of his way if we cross paths. They always move though, haha, no one wants me to run into them with a heavy barbell no matter how big and bad and jacked they are lol. It's just that second where I know they're thinking how big and baddass they are and how I'm gonna have to step aside. Here I am, preparing for impact with my battering ram (I'm certainly not going to injure myself trying to throw this weight in a different direction just because some meathead walks in front of me). But they always move, it's just, some skulls are pretty think ya know? I'd really hate to smash 'em honestly, almost as much as I'd hate to strain a muscle.

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    People who drop the weights. If you can't set it down properly, it's too heavy.

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    I fully agree with is304 regarding people using dumbbells directly in front of the weight rack. That's my biggest pet peeve. That, and socializing in front of a weight rack, also blocking anyone else from using the equipment.

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    1. As mentioned, people lifting or chatting right in front of the dumbbell or barbell rack.

    2. People singing out loud with their music.

    3. Hogging multiple machines for supersets.

    4. People lifting between occupied benches. As in, if there's no one using the bench to your right, go between that one and your bench, not between me and you.

    5. People who don't bother putting away plates or dumbbells when done with exercise.

    And... For something that doesn't effect me, but still looks stupid when I see it happen:

    People putting too much weight on bench press or leg press. These guys will put like five 45lb plates on each side of leg press and proceed to do about 4 half reps. Almost every single one of these people have super skinny legs too. On the bench press, people will put too much weight, but still do one or two half reps, then rest for like 5 minutes before doing another one or two half reps.

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