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    When I had a gym membership my biggest pet peeve was probably people who slammed weights around unnecessarily and who were just generally aggressive. I remember one guy who didn't clip his weights when doing a set, a weight slipped off and he got so angry that he threw the barbell with the rest of the weights at the rack and swore at everyone around him.

    Thankfully I got my basement all setup now, so my biggest pet peeve is my wife's cat jumping on me midset.

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    People that insist on using dumbbells directly in front of the dumbbell rack....

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    People who dont put weights away correctly.

    Over the top grunting and noise making. Sorry if you are one of these guys but if i can hear you over my headphones from other side of the gym and my music is full blast you have issues. got a guy at my gym that has made people change there time of when they train as they find it uncomfortable. we are not talking big weight is probably weighs 100kg and makes the noise doing 120kg leg presses and 80kg bench. Worst part is he goes around to everyone trying to give them suppliment advice and going on about how he is going to be a bodybuilder and in his last comp the judges had it in for him.

    just annoying as hell.

    good to have this vent lol but i have not been to the gym for 12-14weeks due to it all

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    Didn't happen to me for a numbefr of years, but in the last few weeks two people tried talking to me while I was working out. First one was a guy asking me (from a side!) how many sets I have left, while I was doing bent over barbell row. When I finished the set I told him that I nearly dropped the weight on his foot when he spoke up (my head was down and I didn't see him come by). I hope that made him pause and think. Second one was last week when someone wanted to discuss finer points of Bulgarian split squats as I was doing them. Imagine - here I am, standing on one foot, the other one behind me on a bench, dumbbells in my hands, one wrong move away from sprained back (happened once to me - no fun at all), trying to keep balance as I go up and down, and this guy is trying to talk to me over headphones while gesturing, just in case I don't pay enough attention to him! I grunted "not now!" and I think he got the message. I would talk to him when I was done, but he was too busy texting.

    I can only contrast that kind of attidude with another guy, who waited until I was done, then asked me in the locker room why I was doing chest press with a non-conventional twist. I was more than happy to show him how that works around my injury, and what are advantages and disadvantages of using the altered technique. Both of us left happy.
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    There's a woman who often works-out when I do, and she sings out loud -- very out loud -- while wearing headphones. Of course she can't hear herself and so she's always paaainfully off key. I was initially annoyed, until one morning she enthusiastically busted-out with an unbelievably bad rendition of Ozzy's Crazy Train. I sat down and laughed.
    Anyway, everyone at the gym scowls at her while I'm trying not to lose it. Her nickname: Headphone Tourette's
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    There is a bunch of guys in our gym that "mark their territory" - every few days I find a used gym towel or an empty plastic bottle in a locker that's otherwise free. I bet these are the same guys who do lat raises in front of dumbbell rack.

    Some other guys have lots of problems with math. We have a row of six two-tiered dumbbell racks with weights from 15 to 150. When the weights are not arranged in proper order I understand - sometimes it's too difficult to take extra few steps and deposit 30lb dumbbells in their proper place, especially when another genius already put 90-pounders there. But what makes people put one 50-pound dumbbell on top tier of rack #2 and another one on the bottom tier of rack #5, which is about 15 feet away?

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    dumbbells not put back and people who excessively yell and grunt with 50 pounds like there about to take the gold.

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    When it comes to the gym, I am there to workout and not socialize. Here are my top pet peeves:

    1) When people are just sitting on a machine talking or texting without working out.

    2) People who grunt loudly just for the attention of how much weight they are lifting

    3) Clusters of people (usually younger men) who are talking about how to pick up women or how much they are going to party later that night.

    4) This is a BIG one for me- Anyone who makes fun of others in the gym because they are overweight or not lifting as heavy as they do. At no time should anyone be judged for trying to get healthy and in shape. Period!

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    I think the talker who doesn't get that you don't want to chat at the moment is a big one for me! I don't like to be rude but come on...I am busy here! We can chat later!

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    People who wear flip-flops.
    People who talk on their cell phones while occupying a machine.

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