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    People hogging equipment. Yesterday I needed an adjustable bench for flat fly / incline press superset. January is tough time in most gyms, and four out of five benches were taken. I head to the fifth, this guy comes running with two dumbbells screaming "I'm using it". Ok, I step back, he parks the dumbbells under the bench, parks his butt on the bench... and starts texting!!! He texts for a few minutes (I'm right there, waiting for any bench to free up) then starts doing lat raises that he could do on a flat bench right next to him. Then he texts for a few more minutes, stands up, starts doing front raises. Just as I was about to give him a piece of my mind, one of more serious lifters finished his routine and I took his bench. I've done most of my workout, while that guy was "using" the bench for half hour! Last superset of my workout involved machine fly, and guess what? the same guy just moved in. Well, since there's only one machine in the gym he had to share. I finished two supersets before he finished texting. I just don't get people like that.

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    1) People who are there just to socialize and rest/take up machines while doing so. Catch up with your friends in the entrance and away from the equipment!

    2) People who talk to you despite having headphones in and/or being in the middle of a set. I don't mind socializing, but at least wait until it looks like I'm not busy.

    3) People who play gospel/Church music on the main gym boom box. To each their own on the religion thing - but when I'm working out in the same space don't subject me to that. The only thing I'm looking to be saved by while at the gym is 'the pump'.

    4) People who have poor hygiene habits. I understand we're out in farm country - but you don't have to smell like you just rolled out of the cow barn yourself. Please be considerate of others when in public spaces.

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    1- doing the workout correctly (proper form). the main reason this is a pet peeves, is because I have done all the wrong moves, and know what the outcome is.

    2- excessive noise... there is no reason to make so much noise in the gym, a little grunting maybe, but that is about it.

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