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Thread: Jefit for Ipad

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    Jefit for Ipad

    Are there any plans for a version of Jefit for the Ipad? A version like Jefit HD for Android. I would like to be able to view exercises and logs from the large screen of the Ipad.

    Thanks for the great app and look forward to future updates.

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    Whats the latest on JEFIT for an IPad mini?

    I used to run JEFIT on my Kindle Fire, which I recently lost. So now I bought an IPad mini. I would much rather use JEFIT on my IPad instead of my Android phone... I like the big screen real estate.

    Any word on this? Thanks Robert...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    Hey Rob,

    Thank you very much for your support and feedback for a JEFIT HD iPAD App.

    Actually we are indeed going to be working on a Standalone iPad App which will be something along the lines of the JEFIT HD for Android.

    Right now we are finishing up and bug testing the latest Android Free and Pro as well as HD update that we are hoping to have released soon.

    After we finish this update we then will be working on the next iPhone/iPAD update which will include the development of the JEFIT Pro HD iPAD Application.

    We apologize for the lack of this application/version at the moment but we are planning on the development on this product for the next update for our iOS platform which should start within the next few days.

    Thank you again for your support and feedback!

    - Robert
    An idea when these updates for iOS iPhone and iPad will come out ?

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    Thumbs down This is unfortunate

    I downloaded this app on the recommendation of a book that I was reading. I mistakenly upgraded the app to the elite subscription. Wow what a mistake on my part. I made the mistake of not confirming whether there was an iPad app or not, shame on me. I guess that's the benefit of making an impulse purchase. I will be sure not to make this mistake a second time. Fortunately $39 is not going to break the bank and I can look elsewhere for an app that will support my iPad.

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    I use JeFit pro App on iPad & magnify it 2X. It fills the whole screen. I love it as I can as can show it on TV with an AV attachment.

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    news about ipad app?

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    Any news on the app for iPad please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ojinwards View Post
    Any news on the app for iPad please?
    Hello Ojinwards,

    Thank you for the follow-up! Like you guys, we are more than excited to develop a JEFIT app for the iPad or tablet version. We are very much keen of doing so however our developers are still pretty preoccupied with the revamping of the interface of the app and adding more features at this time. Not to mention, adding more languages, as well. Therefore, this version may still be a little delayed. As soon as we have the manpower to develop this version, we will keep you guys notified. Thank you for your patience. We truly appreciate it.

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