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    1st Month Down a Lifetime to Go

    I recently decided that I need to start getting back into shape. I actually made this decision a year and a half ago but due to an injury I let myself go. My wife purchased my gym membership for my birthday so I was eager to get back in the gym. I weighed myself knowing that I wouldn't be happy 267 is what the scale read. I decided that that was the day the pounds came off. My first day at the gym I was not sure whatto do so I basically walked treadmil and did some olyptical. This went on for the next couple of times. I started talking to the owner of the gym about getting a PT but after the price quote knew that wasn't in the budget. I talked with some of the other members and they gave me some advice but I wanted a routine as I didn't know exactly what to do. I was almost about to give up when a buddy told me about JeFit. I started off doing individual exercises then stepped up to routines. Now I actually enjoy working out. Its been a month and I haven't done much more than changing my eating habits by not eating as much, and with the help of Robert I started on the road to eating healthier foods to include the all so important breakfast with the beginner routine. I got on the scale to see if there was a difference as I felt different but wasn't so sure and I weighed in at 257. At first I wasn't so happy as I put some sweat into that first month but then I realized it's not just the exercise it's the diet too, and 10lbs isn't that bad. Needles to say if it wasn't for JeFit I probably would have gave up. Now that I'm starting to eat better foods and have my routine I can't wait to see what this month brings!
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    Keep up the good work Leks, tthe first monyh is the routine, the next 12 start the journey, and the rest is life.

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    Keep up the good work mate.

    I agree with you too, this app has given me drive and direction in my training. Without it I would still be guess working my next session and not recording progress. Posting a photo for me, is a great boost too. Even though I was not happy with my last pic I've posted in time when they build up in numbers and you can see the changes the positive feeling I will get will drive me on even more. Good luck with your progress mate.

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