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    Enter PLANNED Weights

    I am new to Jefit, so forgive me if this has been addressed in the past.

    When creating a routine, I want to enter the weight that I PLAN to do and then the log would show what I ACTUALLY did. I start with a 15RM on certain exercises...and then develop a 13 week plan that stems from that and includes the actual weights, reps, and sets for each exercise. I have it listed on paper now, but would like to move to both iPhone and iPad. I think there needs to be a 4th column for each exercise: Timer, Weight, Reps, and Sets.

    It can even just be informational, but show on the log page so you know what you should be doing. Also, if I'm being would be nice to be able to list multiple PLANNED sets for each exercise. Then you could show a warmup set with a weight/reps, then a progressively heavier weight, or more/less reps, etc.

    All of this comes back to having the ability to pre set what weight you want to lift for a given exercise. The log would still show what was actually done, but I like to be able see and travel with the planned weight/reps/sets.


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    1.) You are indeed able to change the amount of sets for each exercise that are within your exercise lists. Either through the Android or iPhone applications you will notice on the Exercise List page, 4 buttons. The 1st button is the add exercise button, the 2nd is the reorder button, the 3rd is the superset and finally the 4th is being able to edit the reps/sets and timer for each exercise.

    You will want to click the 4th button so that you can edit the amount of sets you are performing for each exercise. Once in this function you can click on any variable within the sets column and then put the amount you will like to perform. Save and return back to your exercise list and you should have all of your sets changed for any exercises you have switched variables for.



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    Thanks for the response, however it's not the number of sets that's the problem. I see and can update the 3 fields listed - Timer, Sets, and Reps. It's the amount of WEIGHT that I want to enter BEFORE going to the gym. I think there should be 4 columns listed there: Timer, Weight, Sets, & Reps. I have plans, and like to create plans, where over the planned weeks, I list the weight that I intend to do so that I have a goal to reach each week/workout.

    The log portion is great, and you always want to track what you ACTUALLY did...but I still like to have goals that include the amount of weight I plan to do for each exercise/workout, and sometimes even a different weight for each set of an exercise. For example:

    This is what's planned:
    Front Squat (weight/reps/sets - no number for set means 1): 135/5, 165/5, 195/5, 225/5/3

    This may be what is actually performed:
    Front Squat: 135/5, 165/5, 195/5, 225/5/2, 225/3

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    Thanks For the quick replies!

    The info on reps separated by commas is definitely useful. If you're able to add a field for planned weight, the ability to include different amounts separated by commas would be the icing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmholland View Post
    The info on reps separated by commas is definitely useful. If you're able to add a field for planned weight, the ability to include different amounts separated by commas would be the icing.
    Yes! The planned weights separated by commas along with the already supported reps separated by commas would allow me to plan both my warm up sets and my work sets.

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    +1 for the ability to save planned workouts with weights. Personally I would find that a great addition since I'm one who likes to know exactly what weights, reps etc. that I'm going to do before I step into the gym.

    The current facility that allows us to display the weights we used last time (either on a per exercise, or per exercise within the same workout) is close, but is not quite the same thing.

    As a workaround I sometimes post workouts in advance of doing them, then during my workouts I edit the log to reflect what I actually managed. You lose the timing function this way. Although this seems to be a much touted feature of many apps, I don't find it convenient having to drop a couple of 50kg dumbbells, quickly fish a fragile smartphone from the safety of my gym bag, unlock it if it's timed out, set the timer, then stare at the screen until the timer expires (because I can't hear any audible warning over the +120db music videos blasted at me) ... put it back in my bag and grab the weights ready for the next set. Maybe it's an age thing but I've always found taking 1 second to glance at the second hand on the gym wall clock a better option

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    any update on the 'planned weights' feature?

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    I can't believe this is still not available.

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