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    Samsung Galaxy Gear app?

    So what are the chances of a JEFIT Galaxy Gear smartwatch app? I'm looking for an excuse to buy that thing.

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    Thanks for the reply! I'm not surprised to hear that Samsung is courting developers to create apps for the Gear. The fitness segment is one they seem to be promoting, and it looks like they already have myfitnesspal onboard. If they are offering any kind of incentive or special support for customizing your app to work with it, you should take advantage of it!

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    Hi Robert, has there been any update on this? It has now been a good few years since the last update

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    I would definitely love to see this with the new GearFit. The idea of being able to keep track of my stats with out pulling out my phone after every set (or at the very least every exercise) is very, very appealing. Even with limited functionality, only to log stats would be fine. Combine that with some integration with MyFitnessPal or your own calorie tracking feature and I would definitely Go Elite. I'd probably even pay up to double the monthly price you are charging now.

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    Any news about a Jefit App for smartwatches ?

    Like other said, it's a pain in the arse to look for the phone every set to start the countdown for the exercises. The fitness idea for a smartwatch is perfect, and I believe the smartwatch segment is more solid now with the launch of the Apple Watch, Moto 360, Samsung Gear and LG G Watch.

    Please do something!

    Best regards,

    Rodrigo Oliveira

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    A jetfit smartwatch app would definetly be great!!!

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    It would also be nice if you can release SDK, so devs can create app that integrates with JeFit. If you want some info about it and Gear development contact me.

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    Gear S, Yes

    What's the status? I have a Gear S, and it would be perfect for entering workout data.
    Please do this. Please, please, pls...


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    Was just going to write a post about this.

    I'm also interested would also be good if you are doing running it could sync with HR monitor and so on. you would not have to display much on the screen either. Just what exercise you are doing maybe in text form then rep/weight. keep it simple and clean if you need more info switch to the phone

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    Please make jefit work with smart watches, I'd be great!!

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