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    Samsung Galaxy Gear app?

    So what are the chances of a JEFIT Galaxy Gear smartwatch app? I'm looking for an excuse to buy that thing.

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    Thanks for the reply! I'm not surprised to hear that Samsung is courting developers to create apps for the Gear. The fitness segment is one they seem to be promoting, and it looks like they already have myfitnesspal onboard. If they are offering any kind of incentive or special support for customizing your app to work with it, you should take advantage of it!

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    Was just going to write a post about this.

    I'm also interested would also be good if you are doing running it could sync with HR monitor and so on. you would not have to display much on the screen either. Just what exercise you are doing maybe in text form then rep/weight. keep it simple and clean if you need more info switch to the phone

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    Please make jefit work with smart watches, I'd be great!!

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    Samsung Gear 2

    I really think there is a huge market for this. Make it a Samsung Gear 2 app. I would gladly pay for it. Or have it included in the pro or elite or both versions. Would be excellent as most of us that workout and use this app hate pulling out the phone constantly. Just allow me to view my workout plan and set my rep, weight, and use the timer.

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    Jefit with smartwatches?
    Samsung Gear first please.

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    Hi Will be a great idea to add Jefit as app for Samsung gear 2 the other applications available sucks!!

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    please we need gear s3 app. we are paying for your app its not free so please set some priorities

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    Any news on a Samsung gear app?

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    Well I guess it is safe to say that JeFit is not interested in creating a Samsung Gear App. I just purcahsed the Gear S3 and this would be a great app to have on it.

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