Why can't cardio be a part of a superset? I do a lot of supersets in my routine and some call for "active rest" with, say, the jump rope. So there is no actual rest in the set. If I get out of the superset to track the jump rope that's another step. And it would be much easier to be able to go from exercise 2 to plyo to rest and then back to exercise 1. Please allow cardio to be a part of the to the superset for tracking purposes.

Please let me see the second exercise in a superset. Currently the app will only go to the first exercise in the set even if you click on the second exercise.

I love the updates to the app and the fact that I can see a summary at the end of my workout. Thank you!!! But I'm not "Wasting Time". It's really negative to see at the end of a workout when I just did 1-1/2 hours of HIIT, supersets, and plyos. It's really disheartening to be told in my summary that I wasted 38 minutes when that's just not true. I had to set up the machine, wipe off the sweat, wipe down a machine, walk to another machine, wait for what I needed, and/or figure out my next exercise and how to coordinate it. Could you all consider changing the verbage to "unused time" or "non-lifting time".

I've really enjoyed using JEFIT for my fitness tracking and will continue to do so. Thanks for working on constantly making it better.