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    Accesing backup file ...

    Has Jefit started encrypting the backup file (jefit.bak; jefit_pro.bak)?

    I used to use the export/backup facility to be able to transfer data to excel for further analysis. With the latest version of Jefit (5.0910) it seems like the backup file is encrypted - at least trying to open it with SQLite Manager says it is encrypted or corrupt. What has changed with the backup process?

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    Hi Robert

    Thanks for reply. I appreciate your need to protect the intellectual property in your product and I hope you can find a way to introduce an export function soon. I have been using JEFIT and visiting this forum for several years and know that a CSV or similar export function is probably the most requested feature enhance. I am sure lots of other people previously used the "backup and SQLite" 'hack' to achieve this functionality so hopefully we get an official route soon.

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    According to [URL=""]this[/URL] you've been working on an import/export function for over 3 years(!). To me, starting to encrypt the database shortly after someone [URL=""]finally figured out how to export data to CSV format[/URL] is quite the coincidence.

    I've just jump ship from iOS to Android, and was looking for a replacement to the excellent iFitness app, when I stumbled across this app. However, I can't seem to find a way to import my data. Your app seems to be an equivalent to iFitness, but wihthout a way to export my results/backup in a non-propriatery/non-encrypted format, I think I'll have a look around to see if the grass is greener elsehwere.

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    I just came across this thread, as I am very interested in gaining access to my logged data. I would upgrade to ELITE in a heartbeat if raw data export was among the features included with it. However, if this capability is not forthcoming soon, I'll switch to a different app.

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    Hey Robert, could you please give us a status update about the export functionality? Thanks in advance!

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    I really don't understand how encrypting the database adds to security- unless this security you're talking about is JEFIT trying to lock people into their software and push them towards JEFIT ELITE.

    An import/export function should be the most basic feature an application like this supports. The fact that it doesn't - and worse yet, the fact that you encrypted the database after people discovered how to export it seems pretty shady to me.

    Your developers are obviously well versed at writing applications with database backends. I think adding a simple export feature to the website would be a relatively simple task for them. Until these features are available I can not recommend your software to anyone.

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    Comments like the above make me nervous about continuing to use Jefit as I really don't want to be locked into using 1 product forever. An export function isn't something I need now, but who knows what the future may bring.

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    I purchased the Pro app to give this a test drive, with the intention of moving to an Elite subscription.

    Discovering THIS thread, I'm now regretting my purchase decision ... and most certainly will NOT update to Elite. Silly me for having made an assumption that basic import/export exists.

    import/export of *MY* data into open/readable/editable format is not an option -- it's a requirement. One that's readily implemented -- in far less time than this has been promised!


    posted my question re this issue to,

    [URL=" "]Where is Export/Import of workout data/logs/history , promised 4 yrs ago ?[/URL]
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    Thumbs down No API or export option

    I just started using Jefit .... and I was searching too the export/import option.
    So, there is no Api or export option .. and they are promising it since several months or years.
    I'd like an integration with Runkeeper or Fitbit but it seems it will take a while.

    I think i'll need to continue looking for another 'gym app' for Android :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    Hello cjones8,

    We appreciate your support and feedback in regards to the latest update with the .bak files.

    The reasoning behind the encryption of the .bak files is for the protection and security of our application/product to prevent piracy of our application.

    We have set privacy and blocked access to the .bak files through outside programs for security reasons and can only be accessed by our team.

    We apologize for any inconvenience at all but we will be working on an export to excel/CSV functionality soon so that you will be able to export your data into that format.

    - Robert
    I wanted to review my logs in Excel and found this thread.

    Yeah sure! So you have time to encrypt the database but you just happen to have no time at all just to dump some lines in a csv file. Obviously you want to prevent users accessing to THEIR own logs.

    Acting against your customers never ends well.
    A PRO-Version user.

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