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    I walked away from using Jefit two years ago because I didn't want to keep putting my data into a locked-up system. Data export and/or integration with other apps has been "promised" for a long time and never materialized. I'd still like to download *my* data that JeFit is holding onto.

    The new European General Data Protection Regulation 2016 gives citizens a right to data portability. If JeFit want to do business in Europe, they Must make this option available. [The law makes it a requirement to provide machine-readable data in a suitable format: you can't just give a binary or text dump, either..]

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    Bump. This is a very important feature!

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    Cant believe this is still not a feature. Your app is great which is why its used. But if we cant access our data its not worth the convinience of the app's ability to log workout data....

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    Only couple of months until GRDP legislation is enforceable.


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