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    How does app work out difference between lifting time and wasted time?

    I understand that the app works out the length of the workout between when I press start workout and end workout.

    I guess it can also work out rest time based on adding up the rest counters.

    But how does it work out the split between lifting time and wasted time? Between the end of one rest period and the start of the next some of that time is spent performing the next set and a little is wasted. But for me it seems like the app reports too much time wasted and very little time lfiting, even when I know I spend most of the time between rest periods actually lifting...

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    I was thinking the same thing mine tends to say something like 1 hour workout 6 minutes actual workout! Haha
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    The summary frequently calculates the wrong number of exercises. In my last workout I completed 15 exercises yet the summary said 7. Not sure why. Some of the exercises were my own 'custom' exercises, not sure if they made the difference, although they were part of the same routine.

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    The summary is great but the formulas used need to be tweaked dramatically. For example, it doesn't take into account if someone forgets to update their log right after their set. I'm sure that it is not taking into account other things as well but haven't taken the time to figure that out.

    For example, I might actually enter my log for my exercise, for all of my sets, possibly after I've completed that exercise. It looks like it throws off the calculation dramatically.

    The info for "Session Length", "Exercise's Done", "New Record", and "Total Weight Lifted" are decent. I think we can extrapolate if we have wasted time by just taking the average time of our typical workouts. Looking at a stat of "Actual Workout" of 20 minutes for a 1.5 hour workout is meaningless. In my opinion, there are too many variables for these other stats to be correct

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