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    I work out because I want to be healthier. I want to be around for my daughters and any grandchildren I have later on. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family and I need to eat healthy and exercise to prevent me from getting it. Also, I want to be in a bikini again!

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    I workout because of martial arts, i know fitness plays a huge part.

    But currently for the next 24 weeks im training to look good for a wedding, Had a couple months off and well now is a good time as any to get everything back up to par

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    I workout because it's good for my health. I know for lots of people it's difficult to find time for this but it's not about me. I'd better filter all my daily routine, maybe get rid of paper tasks for college [URL=""][/URL], and other stuff. That's the only way I can dedicate some time to myself. Because in my opinion if not start caring about myself now, than when.
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    Hi all, i workout because it makes me stronger, and also in my 70's i can climb heights.

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