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    Setting default reps and sets

    When I add a new exercise to a workout day the reps are set to 8 and the sets are set to 3 and timer to 60. Can I change this default (8 reps 3 sets 60 secs) to another values? It is annoying to edit these values for each exercise every time.

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    Just scroll down the forum this is already asked like 5 times.
    ---> Jefit make an FAQ and add this

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    Hi Robert/Robertrogo,

    Sorry, but I think we missed the point of Sporti33's question. I believe his/her question was about configuring a different default reps value and timer value whenever adding new exercises. For example, in my case, I just rest for 30 seconds. I'm trying to create a new routine but now, all exercises that I will add will have 60 seconds as the default timer. I now have to edit each and everyone to make them 30.

    Isn't there a way to change the system default timer of 60 to 30? I think last year (maybe before September 21, 2013? ), before about 3-5 updates from Google Play, I know this feature was present in the Jefit android app. I used to be able to set this to 30 so that when I create a new routine or add new exercises to existing routines, I don't have to bother with changing the timer to 30 since I already changed the default to 30. Now, I can't seem to find this configuration page as well.

    I know that this may sound lazy but I prefer to think of it as having a more efficient app; that's why we no longer need pen and paper and are somehow now saving some trees

    Kindly confirm if maybe this feature was already removed, possibly due to some technically understandable reason, or maybe I'm really not looking that hard into the app


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