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    Question How to change Benchmark Exercise Goals?

    I see that there are 6 Benchmark exercise goals listed, but I would like to set myself some other goals without the use of barbell. Can anyone let me know if it is possible? If yes, how?

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    wait for a next update (ios) in a few weeks (max)

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    How is this not already implemented? I just assumed that I couldn't figure out how to do it, not that you COULDN'T do it. Because no one wants to achieve any goals associated with lower body, just upper body!

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    Got it. Thanks Robert! That certainly goes a long way to accommodating the request.

    I think the favourite exercise feature is cool, particularly because it cuts down the time it takes to scroll through and find what I want from the exercise library. It's great that your personal favourites now appear in a Custom Tracking list but of the 40 or so favourites I have, I'd only consider a handful of them to be 'benchmark exercises'. If I could order the exercises on the Custom Tracking list I could put the benchmark ones at the top for ease of finding them. The 'Benchmark Tracking' is still based on a fixed set of exercises, so doesn't really serve a useful purpose unless that set happens to agree with what you consider are the most important ones. As many have pointed out, that will depend on your goals.

    Is there any way of editing the order of the favourite exercises?

    BTW, given the choice of that or having the right keyboard displayed on the exercise data entry form so it always includes a decimal point key, I'd way prefer the latter. Frustration much! I know those clever programmers can do it, because they've used the right one on the Body Progress Logs form:

    <-- Useless. No dp key on the keyboard.
    <-- Good! Numeric keyboard includes a dp key.
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    However, you can't apply benchmarks meaningfully unless you have a consistent way of measuring them

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