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    Glad the auto sync when starting the app has been removed. My gym seems to be in a cave so never gets an internet connection, while the auto sync was there it took what seemed like forever to get into the app, today it was "bang, lets go!" Then was able to sync it when I got back in the town and the signals came back

    Also I have just noticed something on my phone. I've just disabled google chrome on my phone as I prefer its stock browser, google seems to keep running in the background and drains the battery. Since disabling it I have noticed if I press to go online within the app it wont allow it even though there is a stock browser available to go online. Is the app locked to only work on google chrome?
    I have got round it by loading it in the stock browser and bookmarking it so its no big problem but was just wondering if it is locked to chrome so I know why it wouldn't load after disabling chrome.
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