Stop fooling yourself if you think a healthy lifestyle is a part time or part of the way thing. In fact you can make yourself sick and very unhealthy. You are only fooling yourself. When you really embrace a proper healthy Lifestyle you will feel great and in fact when you do something that sets you back you will feel like a pile of dog doo.

This is not rocket science.

1. Eat clean for 6 days and have a cheat meal or free day.
2. Exercise 6 days a week and take a free day.
3. Drink enough water every day.
4. Relax, stretch, and DE-stress as much as you can everyday
5. Have fun, smile, laugh, cry and love when moments present themselves.
6. Give a shit about yourself and others. MAKE time to smell the roses.
7. Get rid of negative thoughts, people, places and things.
8. Give back and make a difference in other people's lives.
9. (like Arnold says) Break the rules (not the law)
10. DO NOT listen to the nay Sayers and believe in yourself.