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    I don't think that a tattoo can help you to get really ripped. I think you should do a tattoo if you really want it, for yourself and for you pleasure. As for me I adore tattoos and I want to choose one from [URL=""][/URL] and I cannot choose only one, I want to have all!

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    In my opinion it is better to get ripped before doing a tattoo, but hopefully there are a lot of tattoos which will look the same on any body shape. Especially for men, you can choose you favorite among the list of ready design and pictures. Here is a website just for example [URL=""][/URL], pick up want you like and go straight ahead!

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    Tattoo thoughts

    Agree with a previous post as for your own decision. When I was thinking about all ins and outs in this very point, the main aspects were the right professional expert and image that is worthy to be on my body for a long period of time. Taking all those thoughts into consideration, I aaplied to those [URL=""]guys[/URL] , copied their image and did the same one. But nevertheless you will be great with this tattoo.

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    To get a tattoo or not to get a tattoo?

    I remember the first time when I decided to get a tattoo. I was thinking about it for months. What kind of tattoo do I want? In what theme and what it would be mean. And then I decided to combine my love for sunflowers and the idea of a tattoo. I found some sketches of tattoos for women [URL=""][/URL]and saw perfect example which I wanted to have on my body. Now I'm looking for new sketches of flowers or maybe some cats. Do you have any ideas? plz share...

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    Cool tattoos and some replies

    I always have one answer about tattoos..DO IT if you want it that much.
    And don't forget about their meaning for you. You will have it for the rest of your life and I think you need to be perfectly sure what exactly you want to have.
    For example, my father is ornithologist and I spent my whole life with birds and talks about them..It's not a surprise that my first tattoo was a bird.
    [URL=""][/URL] I chose not only a picture but also a perfect "meaning"..

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