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    Cool How to export data from jefit.bak file to excel(.csv)

    I have found a way to export data from jefit.bak to excel(.csv) whilst rustling my jimmies after entering 2 hours of logs.

    I found this out right after I opened .bak using notepad, and noticed “sqlite” throughout the document, which tingles my spidey senses to check out sqlite.

    Sqlite is a database management system, which links to JEFIT’s data system. So I googled more and found a sqlite browser, a database viewer. There, I was able to export the data to excel (.csv)

    What you will need:
    - Computer skills
    - Jefit.bak or jefit_pro.bak, pretty sure the steps will work for both
    - Sqlite browser [url][/url]
    - .csv viewer (Microsoft Excel, apple excel, google docs, etc.)

    This method work for Microsoft Excel.

    A. Acquire Jefit.bak or jefit_pro.bak
    1. Start JEFIT app on phone
    2. Go to “Profile”
    3. Click “Backup” to create .bak file
    4. Connect phone to computer
    5. Find .bak file, use the search tool and search for jefit.bak
    6. Copy .bak file to desktop
    B. Acquire sqlite browser
    1. Download sqlite browser
    2. Unzip sqlite browser
    C. Preparation
    1. Start sqlite browser
    2. Open jefit.bak or jefit_pro.bak file
    3. Under “Edit” click “Modify Table”
    4. Select “exerciseLogs”
    5. Edit
    6. Delete edit_time, belongSys, _id, eid, dat_item_id, record (forgot to delete mine in pic)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    7. Close the small window

    D. Extraction
    1. In sqlite browser, under “file”>”export”>”table as CSV file”
    2. Select “exerciseLogs”
    3. Export
    4. Pick a name to save as, save
    E. Excel format
    1. Open your exported file
    2. Open with excel
    3. “save as” filename and select .csv (Comma delimited)
    F. Data format
    1. All your data might be in column A, select column A
    Click image for larger version. 

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    2. Under “Data” tab, click “Text to Columns”
    Click image for larger version. 

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    3. Select “Delimited”
    4. Check “Comma”
    5. “Finish”
    i. Your data should now have their own respective columns
    1. Mydate, ename, logs
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the “logs” column, your weightxsets should now split into separate columns
    7. Repeat steps 2-5 for each weightxsets to split them into their own separate columns if you want to, however you must insert a column between each weightxsets to prevent overwriting.
    i. You now have your exercise logs data listed in excel in columns
    a. Mydate, ename, logsClick image for larger version. 

Name:	4.jpg 
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    Now the graphs, I am still experimenting with my data, I will probably post later. If you know how to show the data using graphs please share!

    As stated this method work for Microsoft Excel. I haven't tried it on other software yet since I don't have the time.


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    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. I was able to get the same results from my iPhone!
    I was wondering if you have any updates on the graphs? Do you have anything you can share with me?


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    Lol I actually just posted this question to support and then found your thread ... its a bit of a work around but thank you man ! your a wiz ! .... Now i can do some comparison in the format that suits me ... Cheers

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    You lost me at Step A.2. In JEFIT Pro for iPhone, there is no button anywhere that says "Profile". I also scanned the menus and found no ability to export a backup file.

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    I would like to include the 1RM in my data. I would think in step C6, there would be an item I would not delete to achieve this, I just do not know which item that would be. Any suggestions?

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    Nice work, now need this in graph form.

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    SQLite error

    when I try to open the .bak file the program say that "File is not a SQLite 3 database

    How i fix it


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    I don't think this method will work with the latest version of JEFit. It appears that the .Bak file is now encrypted, which is why you can't open it.

    see: [url][/url]...

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    Would getting an older version of the apk and then syncing with the server and then exporting help?

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    Hey guys. I made a Jar file that will decrypt a jefit.bak file.

    Jar file is here: [url][/url]

    To use it just run "java -jar JefitDecryptor.ja /path/to/jefit.bak"

    proof: [url][/url]
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