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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post

    We thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

    We are indeed looking into integration with MFP but at the moment we are currently working on an update to improve the UX/UI of the application, introduce more social media functionalities and sharing, introduce other features and fix bugs.

    I have passed this suggestion again off to the developers and hope that after the development has been completed on said update that they will be able to look into this integration with one of the following updates.

    Again we appreciate your feedback and suggestion.

    - Robert
    Glad to hear you are improving the UX, that is something that is stuck in 2004. But social media and sharing only helps JEFIT acquire new users and the few people who need to constantly spam their friends with their own progress. Integration helps the existing paid userbase. Just make sure the product management team keeps that in perspective. Thanks again for working the forums and answering my posts!

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    I would be willing to pay for this service like this as an added benefit. I just went to the elite version of cyclemeter and the Withings scale because they offered integration with myfitnespal. I'm out shopping now for a good resistance tracking app that will integrate with myfitnespal. I know my girlfriend is also looking. Don't get left behind jefit. I have not found a better resistance /workout app but am tired of entering my data across multiple platforms.

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    Robert, I just want to throw my two cents into the conversation, and also request for syncing with MFP. Thanks for passing the info off to the developers. JEFIT is the absolute best app for resistance training, bar none, but I track my running and food on MFP. Having all of my fitness data in a single place would be convenient. Plus, imagine all of the new JEFit users will come of this.

    Thanks for your continued support, and know that I'll use JEFit regardless, but syncing would make your customers' lives so much simpler.

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    Add me to the list... JEFIT integration with MFP would make me a paying member.

    I'm an obsessive MFP user and looking for a solution to getting negative caloric impact from my non-cardio workouts into MFP. This feature set is what would convert me into a paying member.

    So to be specific, I'd like:
    1) Calorie burn estimates for exercises.
    2) Per-workout calorie burn summary exported into MFP without manual double entry.

    It looks like MFP has [URL=""] punted on strength training calorie burn estimates[/URL], so this would be a perfect marriage. There are [URL=""]requests on MFP[/URL] asking for this as well.

    Edit: Looks like I can't paste URLs but search for "why don't you calculate calories burned for strength training" and "JEFIT" on MFP forums and you'll find some good discussions their too.
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    Another voice on MFP integration

    Agreed with all the other comments...MFP integration is sorely overdue, and certainly seems more valuable than social media sharing! (Do people actually complain they can't spam their friends with their workout details? )

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    The first questions about sync with MFP was over a year ago. Any news if development is working on the integration?

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    Any news Jefit?
    Over a year now. My yearly subscription with another fitness app is due, while my jefit account sits here awaiting something. A Elite subscription would follow immediately if the sync was to go ahead. Social sharing comes secondary to one tap workout syncing for me.

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    Just make it sync to the health app that would be enough for now!

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    I would very much like this, as well.

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    Guys, you need to do this or will be left behind. The second another app delivers integration withall the other apps everyone else uses, you will loose subscribers.

    To avoid the disruption, and protect your business model, at least build an API that takes the workout length, applies a calorie burn amount based on the individuals weight and the time, and provide that as a passthrough to MFP or Runkeeper. Nothing but upside for you there.

    And if you want to really impress me, take the weight feed from Withings. Please?

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