This is going to be my diary for the next 90 days. By putting it up public, I'm hoping it will give me enough motivation to carry it through. I've been training solidly for 2 years and already had massive gains physically and mentally. Before I started lifting weights I had some experience in sports and a up and down love affair with food and it was reflective in the scales. Just before i started to lose weight I was approximately 273lbs / 124kg / 19.5stone with god only knows what fat percentage and I struggled to lift a 40kg barbell! 2 years on and I'm now 94kg ish with around 16% bf and I can bench 110kg. So I am proud of myself so far. However, now I have a training bug and I really want that sub 10% bf. I have had 4 weeks off from training and eating healthy and tomorrow morning I will be back in the gym. I've got my creatine, multivits and my omega 3's and I will post on here daily. When I weigh in tomorrow morning I shall take pics and upload my stats as the starting point. Supps I will use are my trusted favourites -
USN GF-1 Protein
USN Anabol Testo
USN creatine Monohydrate
USN Multi-Vitamin
USN Triple-Omega

Please comment for support and encouragement or please offer advice where possible

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