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    iOS next ?

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    I tried linking my Android Pro account to Facebook. I check FB in settings, and then Jefit asks me for my Jefit password. After that, I save. But Facebook doesn't remain checked and nothing happenings after that. I've done it several times.


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    I get message "Sorry, this app is currently not compatible to run on your device. App is not available for download." I bought it in Amazon app store, the previous version runs well.

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    FB integration is bollocks. Who needs it?

    It's the important app related functionality that needs addressing.
    Start, finish, duration times needed, not just on fleeting summary screen.
    Times for each set would be even better.
    All the above needs to be saved to log.
    A distinction for warm-up and warm-down sets would be good as well as working sets.

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    My jefit account shows it's linked to my facebook. Is there supposed to be a way to post your logs on your facebook wall or something? I'm confused as to what the purpose of having your account linked, there isnt anything on my app that shows a function using facebook?

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