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    Advice / suppliments?

    im 26, 5"11 currently about 178 lbs. i have a 16in neck, 14.5in arms, 33in waist, 13in forearms, 40in chest, 15.75in calves. neways i been going to the gym for a few months im looking to loose the little extra fat on my stomach and love handles. i plan on running 3-5 times a week for 20-30 munites and doing the p90x ab-ripper X a few days a week untill i can start doing it every day again. right now im taking the c4- preworkout, size on, during, and muscle milk after, with a scoop of oat meal. im also taking optimens multi. im thiking of taking c4- for my preworkout, maybe kre-alykline creating, and some diffrent form of protein? any help will be greatful. im trying to fill out i dont wanto get huge. and i plan on doing maybe 4-6 months on at a time then doing p90x between to help cut. thanks for the help.

    heres a link to my current workout

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    i been thinking of changing from the size on, to a monohydrate creatine? and from muscle milk to wheys gold standard?

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    Check out and Try Mutant Mass from PVL - best gainer ever - works mirracles

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    heres another idea i had.... doing 2/adays with my current workout and doing 15-20 munites or running and my ab ripper-x everyday.

    pre work out- c4 extream.
    kre-alykline creatine.
    Protein-Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

    ill do my workouts, lift heavy and do the cardio 15-20 mins a day weather run or hit my bag, and do ab ripper-x every day. help bulk up but with the running and abs should keep it pretty tight. do this for 4-5 moths then do a round of p90x. then repeat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darnie View Post

    pre work out- c4 extream.
    kre-alykline creatine.
    Protein-Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

    I thought you were trying to Lose weight
    Keep your diet clean and keep the cardio to 3 times a week. P90x is very cardio based anyway and it's very long too. You probably don't need any extra cardio really. ON serious Mass is for when you want to put on weight, it will say on the label 'do not use for weight loss'! You'll be better off buying ON standard whey.For the. Creatine, the Kre stuff just doesn't work as well as Monohydrate, it's in pill form too so it's more expensive and it's an a variation of creatine! Keep the supps simple, your losing weight not bulking, p90x is about trimming down and getting cut. If you want the mass stuff, the get rid of the p90 and start squatting!


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    i think, Supplement reduce the lack of vitamin and energy

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