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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions. I'm leaning toward the dymatize elite. It has good reviews, price is good, and 25g of protein. I'm currently bulking and rely on my shakes to add 60 to 80 grams protein a day. I have heard of casein but have never gave it much thought. Would it be worth the extra money to add casein to the mix? If protein is this complicated, then I can't wait to ask about creatine. Lol

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    Casein is 80% of milk protein (the other 20% is whey). You can get plenty of it from dairy products, but then it comes with carbs and fat. The main difference between the two - whey digest very fast so it's good for pre- and post- workout. Casein takes longer to digest. When my last solid meal is either very light or comes too early in the day I take a scoop of casein to make sure my body gets enough protein through the night. Some people suggest casein as pre- or post-workout. Post-workout kind of makes sense to me if it's mixed with whey - this way your muscles get a shot of whey protein quickly and then a steady flow from protein from casein, but I have not researched it as thoroughly as I'd like to.

    As far as creatine - according to it cannot harm you unless you already are very sick, and is actually beneficial even for people who do not exercise on a regular basis, especially vegetarians, since main source of creatine is meat. It's one of the cheapest and most effective supplements that you can get - so unless you want to go completely supplement free you should take it. I take 5g of creatine monohydrate, but there are other options as well. I've heard of creatine hydrochloride, but never tried it. Creatine malate is a good option - malic acid binds with lactic acid that accumulates in your muscles as you work out (the stuff that gives you "the burn") and neutralizes it, and it can give you an extra rep or two.

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    Creatine Monohydrate is the best one to start with. If you want to bulk, it's the way forward, it's probably one of the biggest scientific discoveries of modern medicine in sport. It'll put weight on very quickly, although this is initially water weight as some brands will have a 5 day loading phase of 4-5 servings of 5g powder. There are many types of Creatine as mentioned above with malate and hydrochloride, you will see stuff like Ethyl Ester (which is a form of Creatine) which has 4x quicker delivery system but IMO Creatine Monohydrate in powder form is the cheapest and best route. Some points to consider - there will be a loading phase and initial weight gain (water), you are supposed to take it with fruit juice (lots of debate on this one, the insulin spikes help it get to your muscles) so build that into your diet plans, I take mine with my preworkout. Always buy powder for creatine, it's by far the quickest absorbing. DO NOT skimp on price in this area, it's cold hard Creatine you want, it's a very cheap product anyway so choose a very respected brand, cheap stuff will mean it won't dissolve properly or get the full benefit. Don't buy tablet creatine, there expensive and they take a while to absorb.

    If your trying to bulk would you not be better buying an 'all in one' protein shake? Usually when people bulk, they find it hard to meet the calorie goals, particularly when it comes to that many carbs. Just asking!! Dymatize is a great product/company though.

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    According to me On gold standard protein is good then other

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    ON Gold Protein is best because ON is one of the best brand and many users of this say that this is best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bme4363 View Post
    Body fortress is 7.50 a pound and ON gold standard is about 11.00 a pound. I can't see a huge difference between the labels. The extra calories and fat could be adjusted for in my daily macros. The body fortress has six more grams of protein per scoop and it has whey isolate in the ingredients. I might try one of the others that you have recommended that are not so pricey just to experiment and see if it's worth the extra money. Because I too like to make sure I'm getting the most out of my money. Thank you both.
    There are various different factors that are in play when you are trying to determine the real price of a product but so far the best for me has been to divide the grams of protein per serving by the serving size itself.

    for example:

    Body Fortress: 30g/protein per serving divided by 42g serving size is 71% of protein content which means that you are getting 0.71lb of protein for the $7.50 that you mentioned

    ON: 24g/protein per serving divided by 30.4g serving size is 79% of protein content which means that you are getting 0.79lb of protein for the $11 that you mentioned.

    All of that is too much too keep up with so I just buy unflavored protein. That way I know what I'm paying for - protein powder, not flavoring ingredients.

    I would recommend you go with one of those brands. And you get to flavor them any way you want to each time you take it.
    And I don't know why all of the hype about isolate powders, they don't provide any significant advantages to regular whey. Unless you have issues with high cholesterol (which you shouldn't if you are working out) it's not good ROI.

    Here are the brands that my personal trainer recommends:

    Jarrow: [url][/url]
    GNC: [url][/url]
    TGS Nutrition: [url][/url]

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    Hey, i am a new guy. Usually i took care of my body passively and inconsistently, but i am prepared to make it a part of my life now. And i searched for the [URL=""]cheap protein[/URL] (for example) on the internet and usually try to test different producers each time. Don't know if price determines the quality of the proteins (powder)... I am from Lithuania and we don't have many options buying salmon which is high in proteins and acids. It is expensive and i think - worthless. ALSO, we don't have such shop as Walmart. But I search for the cheap protein on the internet and usually try to test different producers, as i said. But sometimes i found quite cheap. For example £43.99 for 5 lbs. And however, real food complete in minerals is more expensive than powder. Whites of eggs.... how many of them you need to get enough amount per day? A lot. What could be the alternative to those cheap Walmart whey proteins? Could you share links?

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    great ON review [URL=""][/URL]

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    ON gold standard whey is definitely worth the switch. [URL=""]VP2 protein[/URL] by AST is also really good.

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    Just to throw a massive spanner of confusion into the works

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