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    Motivation and Goals

    I think we all can agree that working out is about achieving goals, whatever they may be for the individual.
    Then I hear that goals should be realistic, concrete, achievable and measurable.

    Now , there lies my problem: I have absolutely no idea what goals to set for my training, since I don't know what's realistic and achievable for me. Just "I want to lose some weight and look better!" doesn't cut it for me.
    But setting myself a goal I then fail to reach is utterly demotivating for me, and therefore I'm often too afraid to even try :-(.

    So, if I need positive results to keep me going, how should I go about setting my goals?
    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    You can look at something I posted a couple of days ago: [url][/url]

    Setting goals are tough, but as you have already figured out it is very important. Basically, you start with a general idea, and then narrow it down to something actionable. As far as realistic and achievable - you are the best judge of it. Don't be afraid to fail - I think it was Churchill who said that the key to success is to keep your passion while moving from one failure to another.

    Good luck!
    I learned a lot from fitness books, magazines, and online articles. Most important thing I learned: you don't get fit by reading about it.

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    Oh, I remember the S.M.A.R.T. stuff from my last job, the printouts may still be in my posession.
    Problem is me always thinking "You won't succeed, anyway!", no matter the quality of the plan. Low self-esteem? Yeah, that's me!
    So guess I'll start with a small goal, based on the sketchy "I want to lose some weight and look better!"
    Lose another 6 kg til the end of January, and visibly reduce my waistline. Mirror, balance and measuring tape will be the judges of success.
    Perhaps this will help in laying the foundations for proper long-term goals (With a S.M.A.R.T. plan!).

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    Well, if self-esteem is your problem (and it takes a lot to figure that out), then you can train it the same way you train your body - start with something small and keep moving. A small goal with a short deadline is a good idea, and you should pick something where you are very likely to succeed.

    Success and failure are habits as well - you can get used to either. One trick I picked - decide what constitutes success for you and stop once you reach it (that's one of the tricks I picked from Karen Pryor's "Don't shoot the dog!" - one of my must-reads). For example, when I try to do 20 chin-ups in 3 sets (I know, I suck at chin-ups - so far), and only make 17, I make myself do another of at least 3 chin-ups. This way even though I did not achieve the original goal (possibly because it was not Attainable for me just yet) I still succeed at doing 20 chin-ups, so I don't feel bad (or at least as bad).

    Good luck with your weight loss goal. By the way, the biggest I lost was 3 a month, and that was under pretty unusual circumstances. If you already were able to lose 6 in a month - that's great!

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    Two things i've learned that are crucial to meeting my goals.
    1. Not allow others to dictate my goals. I'm here for me and i have to live with myself 24/7.
    2. Never use someone else's goals. Just because it works for someone else doesn't mean you'll see the same results.

    I learned these after my self-esteem improved but may have been a better catalyst if i had known it in the beginning. As funny as it sounds, one of my goals in the beginning was to just get to the gym.

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    I have a difficult time setting goals. What has motivated me over the last decade are sporting events. For instance wanting to compete in a powerlifting match, highland games, etc. My wife trained for 5K's, etc. And then once the initial goal of competing occurred, we began training to set new PR's. I have a friend that wants to start rock climbing, so he is now training for a specific hike/climb.

    Are there any sports or contests that interest you in trying?

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    Set short term goals that are measureable. For example, I want to define my back more, widen my shoulders so I'm putting in chin up/ pull up practice 3X week to get there. Right now I'm using strength bands to assist but slowly getting stronger.

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