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    Egg Tofu Lettuce Jalapeno Nuts etc.

    Quick breakfast meal I sometimes start out with instead of oatmeal.

    With all my Hydroponic lettuce. I wilt it in a pan with Olive oil or Grapeseed oil.
    Sometimes I add Kale or collards I grow.

    I place oil in pan add greens till they almost are wilted.
    Then I add Craisins, walnuts, pumpkin, seeds, sunflower etc.
    I add pre cooked jalapeno for heat.
    I then pour use Egg Beaters to bind.
    Sometimes I alternate with Tofu firm crumpled and fried.

    Use your own imagination for ingredients.

    I normally make enough to have some later in the day.

    Have a great day stay healthy.


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    Thanx a lot for this recipe. [URL=""]It[/URL] sounds really great

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