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    Many thanks for this information ,it is a wonderful recipe.I will definitely try this,I think this is a nice breakfast meal.
    Lettuce and dehydrated dates are much good for a healthy breakfast.
    I hoping for more recipes like this.
    Thank you

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    Here is my breakfast list:

    Bread with Nosila
    Milkshake/Alovvera Juice
    1 egg/1 banana
    A cup of Green tea

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMan1 View Post
    This morning I cut up some fresh lettuce. I added peppers, broccoli, dehydrated dates, papaya, apricots, and craisins. II then added walnuts, flax and egg beater.
    I use Grapeseed oil
    I made enough for four people I feel. I only had a small portion.[IMG][URL=********s1192.photobucket*****/user/CliffordManthey/media/DSCN5345_zps6aef4fc4.jpg.html][IMG]********i1192.photobucket*****/albums/aa328/CliffordManthey/DSCN5345_zps6aef4fc4.jpg[/IMG][/URL][/IMG]
    Instead of egg beater I will use Tofu firm at times.
    Hi there,

    Your breakfast has all the essentials needed to startup in the morning.
    Especially the broccoli which so good to eat in the morning.
    Good Info.

    Also keep posting such recipes.
    Not mistaken I had one breakfast recipe which is called "finger millet soup"
    Just heat some water pour two spoons of millet flour, mix the mixture and stay down on low flame for 10 min and then add salt and pepper for taste. Avoid if you can drink. It has several health beneifits.

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