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    43 year old newbie looking for advice

    I am new to this site and to the Jefit app and program. This year I vowed I have had enough of being in the obese category. I have been 220 plus pounds for over a decade. I currently maxed out at 234 and said I'm done!

    I am 43 years old and 5'11". I have started a cardio routine this week and next week I start strength training with cardio. At my age, my current goal is to lose at least 40 pounds (mostly in the gut area) and gain some definition and tone. I am not going to be a body builder, but I would like to have something nice as a pay off for all the work is going to take to achieve this goal. I am tracking everthing I eat.

    My question to you all that have many years of experience at health and fitness is this:

    I know there is no healthy magical pill to take to miraculosly make all this happen, but I would love to have something to help supplement the hard work to burn the belly fat. I am not knowledgeable enough in all these different supplements to make an educated decision at this point. So if any of you could give me some direction or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Great feedback Robert!

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    I would add a couple of practical advises:

    1. Start food journal. Better yet: get an app to track your calories - there are plenty. By simply being aware of what I eat I went from 197 to 180 in under a year.
    2. Balance your macros (carbs / proteins / fats). I don't know whether there is a magic formula for that, but when I took my carbs from 60% to 40% (and my diet was typical for anyone in US who lives in a large city), I went from 180 to 175, while actually eating more.
    3. Be patient. It took me almost a year before I statred losing weight. Your body is used to be a certain way, and it will take a lot of time and consistent effort before you convince your body that it has to change.
    4. Lift weights. A while ago I've read a statistic that your body has to burn 2 lbs of fat per year to maintain 1 lb of muscle.
    5. When you start lifting weights, follow right technique. There's a good saying: "It's not about how much weight you can lift, but how much weight you can control."
    6. Pace yourself - one step at a time. You can have everything you want - one thing at a time.
    7. Don't trust the mirror. After you lose weight it will take some time for your skin to shrink.
    8 Did I mention that you need to be patient?

    Good luck!

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    Robert & is304,
    Thank you both for your advice. It will certainly help me as I continue this journey. I had my neighbor over last night as he has been going to the gym and into health and fitness for years. From all appearances, he looks great and seems to be healthy. He suggested the following for a pre/post workout. Thought maybe you could chime in on his advice.

    He likes to use hevolex. Make it about 30 minutes before the workout. I am going to the gym about 5:30-6:00 am so that I can get my time in before work. Getting up a half our earlier to do that will be difficult. I assume it would be ok to consume it as I am driving to the gym and let it's properties take affect as the session start right?

    He also likes Dymatize ISO 100 for his Whey Protein. He suggested a scoop before workout and a scoop after if I wanted to break it up. It seems to get pretty good reviews on

    He suggests a Casein mixture about an hour before bed to let my system continue to work throughout the night. He likes the Dymatize brand for this as well.

    He suggested I stay away from any of the fat burners. As you eluded to as well Robert.

    One other thing, you both suggested as he did, to keep the protein intake higher than the carbs. I track nearly everything I ingest with myfitnesspal. It as well as the guy at the gym suggests a balance of 50% Carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein. Which goes against everything I am reading and hearing. I am trying to keep my balance in the 50-60% protein, 20-30% carbs and 10-20% fat. Am I on the right track?

    I start my strength training this week. I have only been doing cardio for a week, so hopefully this all gets on track.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into this forum helping folks like myself.


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    Sorry guys the name of that pre-workout is Hemovex.


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    I'm not a big expert on supplement brands, I prefer to mix my own. There are a couple of components I suggest to look for. Creatine is a must. Glutamine and BCAA are very desirable, some suggest taking BCAA during workout. Also look for citrulline and/or beta-alanine and betaine/TMG.

    Most experts agree that it's best to have some protein before you workout, although there is no consensus on timing (from 2 hours to immediately). I either eat a solid protein 2 hours before or have a shake 1 hour to 30 minutes prior to workout, still experimenting with what works better.

    Whey protein after workout is a good idea, and so is Casein at night (try to go for miscellar casein - it digests slowly). As I said, there is no magic number for dosage or macros, you should stick to a certain amount and see if there are changes and whether they are in the right direction.

    Above all - do not rush, take one step at a time. In general, outside of proteins (which are just food), I would focus more on fixing your diet than on supplements.

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    Well I can't seem to get my hands on the Hemovex that I was looking to start with. It appears that Nutrishop isn't stocking the shelves with it that much. At least not the two local ones I am near. They just got in a new one called Erractic which the owner says is the same as Hemovex but with more pump. The other two he said would be similar are Blueprint or Thermovex.

    As I am completely new to this side of things, any feedback on those three that you may have or know of? Any suggestions of a pre-workout that you might give a newbie to the scene?

    Thanks guys

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    Honestly the problem i found with alot of these big name pre-workouts is they get you so pumped up and shaky it makes it hard to workout on them unless your about to lift intense. I wouldnt recommend doing any kind of cardio on them but thats just my own personal experience. What i have found that works great is a product named ADVOCARE SPARK. Its a really great energy/pre-workout drink that you can take before a workout. Facts be stated it has less sugar and less calories remember were trying to lose weight not have to burn extra! check it out
    [url] C[/url]

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