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    I don't believe I am alone waiting for TRX Suspension Training exercises included into data base. At least make it possible for me to add animations and descriptions myself please.

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    We will forward your concern to our senior developers, so they will know what features are needed to be added in the next coming updates.
    As we continue to work in progress, we would highly appreciate your patience on this matter.

    Thank you and more power!

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    Thank you!
    Here is an android example of the images I would like to put onto m own routine for suspension training: [URL=""][/URL]
    here is an iOS example:

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    TRX Suspension training

    The thread requesting TRX exercises to be added goes back to 2014. Pretty much every gym I go to has a suspension training system available, so why the holdout on adding these exercises to the database? They don't have to be branded TRX they can be generic suspension training exercises. Some of the best workouts combine weights, kettlebell and TRX but currently JeFit does not offer a way to track this.

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    Any update on this subject?
    I would also appreciate the addition of TRX excercises to the database.


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