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    Should I or should I not?

    Since I got into serious lifting last year, I started putting less emphasis on lifting heavy and more emphasis on lifting right. I try to review my lifts before I get to the gym, watch them on youtube and other sources on a regular basis. As my technique stated improving, I noticed one side effect: I can see whether people do it right or wrong.

    Now, I have no problem coming over and telling a guy that he has perfect technique - people get that kind of encouragement less often than they should. It's when I see someone really messing up an exercise, I never know whether I should come over and opine. After all, not everyone takes it well when a stranger comes over and says: "you're doing it wrong!". So, it's a dilemma that I can't solve every time.

    My rule number one: don't interfere unless you know that your way is right and theirs is wrong. If I'm not certain that what they do is wrong, I just come over, strike a conversation, and show the way I do it. In some cases people say "your way is better, let me try it", and in some cases I end up learning a new variation of an exercise that targets different portion of a muscle.

    Right now, as a rule I comment in a few cases. First, when I see someone jeopardizing his health, such as rolling lower back on deadlifts or bouncing the bar off the chest on bench press, I come over and offer an advice. Whether they take it or not is their business, but better an injured ego than an injured spine. Also, when I see someone working out intensely and looks like a dedicated person, but still makes a mistake - those people normally welcome comments. Unless they make a drastic error, I usually start a conversation like: "Great exercise. You know, I've seen the way of doing it that works even better." A third case when I allow myself to comment is when I know the person well enough and know that he will not be turned off by my comments.

    I never comment on people doing demi plie instead of proper squats - they usually come to show off, and who am I to rain on their parade?

    Do you ever notice others' technique in your gym? What do you do when you see someone making an error? Should I offer unsolicited advice, or just keep my mouth shut?
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    I don't think there is a proper answer to your question. I think every case should be judged individually and I do think you're going about it in the right way. One way I approach another is with a question (maybe of the reason for their form) like I'm asking advice rather than me giving it. If they are open to suggestions they usually will come right out and say so. Sometimes there is a reason for the 'bad form'. Personally, let's say with one arm rows, I just don't feel my lats when the weight is light enough for great form. I've learned that it is better FOR ME to start off VERY heavy (trying to keep good form but when its heavy -170lbs-, good from is difficult to come by) then get lighter and obviously much better form.

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