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    What did you say?

    So I started lifting heavy 4 weeks ago. I was hoping that the new found energy would kick my weight loss into high gear. But I haven't lost weight. I haven't gain weight. Just staying the same. I do see a little body change so I measured my BF, it's still the same. Am I rushing my expectations or am I just being moody?

    My diet is low carb with greek yogurt, and almonds. I've been reading a lot on diet and I feel I am on track for success. Ok well maybe my calories are too low. But I eat when I'm hungry. I am not hungry all the time.

    Any suggestions besides getting a knife and cutting off the fat would be appreciated.

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    I think you are rushing your expectations. It took me about 4 months to start losing weight while lifting and eating less. Low carb diet is OK, but when you lift heavy make sure that a) you eat enough protein and b) you consume enough calories. According to many studies, if you put yourself into a state of permanent caloric deficit, your body will try to jam every gram of carbs into fat. Last year I consumed 2,400 calories per day, but 60% of them were carbs, and I got from 197 to 182, but could not go any lower even when I further reduced my intake. When I reduced my carbs intake to 35-40% and started consuming 2,800 - 3,000 a day, I actually went down to 178 in a couple of weeks.

    One more thing - if you just started, let your body adjust. It is used to a certain pattern of eating and working, it may take from several weeks to several months to readjust. Be patient, and the results will come.

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