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    To train like muscle groups or full body?

    I've been following a workout regiment that I got from EAS's website a long time ago and I love it. I've seen great results from it but I'm wondering if I shouldn't switch to a different routine to switch it up.

    day 1 chest shoulder tri
    day 2 back biceps forearms
    day 3 legs and abs

    each muscle group has 3 exercises. 1 compound lift and 2 isolation lifts.

    ex. chest would be (1) Bench Press 3 sets (2) flys 3 sets (3) pullovers 3 sets
    Shoulders (1) military press (2) lateral raises (3) shrugs
    tri (isolation only) tri ext, rope pulldowns, kickbacks

    I rotate the days each week and do cardio on off days.

    That being said, it seems that lifting grouped muscles used to be the standard for lifting back around 2000. Now it seems that everyone has gone to a more full body approach (I'm guessing because of the crossfit boom)

    Is there something I'm not getting? It seems that working grouped muscles would be beneficial so that your body keeps it's intensity in the same area and isn't flopping back and forth between muscle groups.

    Any thoughts?

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    Full circle. Full body used to be the norm. Breaking it down allows one to put more emphasis on that group. For steroid use, this is a better approach, but its not a bad approach for naturals either. Your current workout is a good one but it wouldn't hurt to try full body and see how it feels. Personally, I don't like it as I don't feel any specific/isolated pump/DOMS. I tend to do splits, but rarely the traditional way... more of a hybrid... I have no problems working back and chest on the same day. I usually just focus on the amount of time I have to workout and try to fit as many body parts into that time. My suggestion: do what works best for you and what works best today might not be the same as tomorrow.

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    You workout should be based on what you are trying to accomplish, but most professionals (that I have read) recommend full body for the beginners and split for more advanced lifters. Here's the reasoning:

    For a muscle to grow you need to a) make it work slightly beyond what it is used to (see 'progressive overload') then b) let it recover and grow while c) not letting it rest long enough to "forget" the load. As a rule, beginners have smaller muscles, so it does not take much to overload them, but they also take less time to recover. Hence, beginners can train more frequently, and split routines are pretty much useless for them - they will fatigue too soon and their muscles will rest for too long. On the other hand, if someone is advanced enough and needs from 30 minutes to an hour to fatigue a muscle group, that person cannot do full body within a same session (and even within a same day), unless that person is a pro or on steroids that greatly enhance recovery (or both).

    This is not my opinion, but rather a compilation of what I have read and seen, but nothing in my experience contardicted it so far. Having said that, there are numerous approaches to both, full body and split routines, as well as grouping and sequencing the exercises. The only way for you to figure out which one is right for you is to experiment until you find the right approach.

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    You have mentioned great information, It really helpful for me. Thanks for sharing it.

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    Well exercise schedule is good but i train my muscles like 1st day chest + shoulder, 2nd day back + biceps, third day only triceps and fourth day abdominal + Legs. I plan this schedule with the help of [URL=""]Kinobody Shredding Program[/URL]

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