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    I'm using prohormones supplements .

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    I usually go with the nuts.

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    Same​ as I take every day: scoop of protein powder for convenience to bring my protein intake up to my daily goal. A few months ago I became sold on taking a teaspoon of unfiltered, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar in water before bed for digestive health, a teaspoon of gelatin in my morning porridge for joint/cartilage health and psyllium husk (Metamucil) for cholesterol control and, um, the other thing it's good for. Also may add 2 teaspoonful of flaxseed oil in my protein drink depending on my food for that particular day. Seems to keep me going well so I don't plan on changing any of this.

    I don't take any overpriced miracle-promising pre-workouts on training days. I don't believe they're necessary and they're not particularly good for you either. My pre-workout is a cup of black coffee and, sometimes, a fistful of sultanas ��

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    Red face

    on days-off I prefer just some vitamins, I don't think i need more
    different multivitamins are good, I like Garden of life's Vitamin code or Vitafemme
    there are a lot of others on
    If some of you decide to purchase, be free to use it [url][/url]
    p.s. I also use fish oil, pretty good too

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    Smoking Guns for a Pre Workout / Pump Complex.

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    On Off days I usually take:

    1) 1-2 dosages of protein
    2) L-carnitine or ALCAR
    3) Fish oil + Choline source
    4) Caffeine (sometimes)
    5) Vitamin A, D, C, E

    That seems like a lot, but I usually dig for [URL=""]discounts[/URL] on supplements and I cut lots of the total price.

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