Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan from Salt Lake City Utah in the USA and I have been using Jefit for a while but not
very consistently, same as my workout routines. I have been a lot better the last three months along with a better diet and I am starting to see some good results. I started about 207 lbs and I am about 195 right now.

I want to say thanks for this awesome app! It helps a lot to keep consistent.

I have been doing strong-lifts 5x5 for the last few weeks and I have seen some good results. I am now switching to some high volume training German Volume Training 10x10. I plan on doing this for about 4 weeks and returning to the 5x5 for 4-6 weeks.

My question is if this seems like a good plan? Or would it be better to include both "strength training" and "hypertrophy"
into the same routine? For example do the heavy compound lifts first and then do some higher volume at the end?

Thanks for any and all advice!