I am an avid paid subscriber to Jefit, and it's great. I like how I can change workouts and set the countdown clock and do virtually anything I want. And it works!
The problem is, which is in my review is:
1) As I said, Jefit was bar to none to best tool to use and I love the pro edition
2) Jefit monitors and calculates how much I lift in a given day

Problems: I hope you hear this, programmers:
1) why is it that Jefit asks me every time to continue after a set? I am now prompted to respond each time. Before I used to be able to just keep working out without seeing "Do you want to continue?" We always want to continue our workout and this takes time to press the button "Yes, Continue Workout" this is a downgrade.
2) when I work out, I complete a given set, but then I automatically go back to the previous set. This is maddening because you bring me back to the previous workout, say abs. Why in the world is this happening?

It used to be simple plug and play. Just let me do the workout, stop asking me if I want to continue on a given set because I am programmed for six sets for example. And stop going back to the previous workout after I finish a set because it messes up my history. I can work out shoulders, done. I can workout triceps after that, but then it brings me back to shoulders, so the history is skewed when I go back the next time, the history is messed up. This is why I downgraded you.
The problem and the solution is that you are the sole source for my workout and I love it. But please fix these very real problems.