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Thread: need an advice.

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    need an advice.

    Hello everyone. I am Erves and I am an Account Manager my work requires less legging so to no surprise I am obese. I just started my fitness program. What will be fitness program suitable to me since I am still fat.

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    The most important step is the first one, which you have already taken. So let me congratulate you on that.

    If you are looking to shed some extra weight, diet and cardio should be your focus. The elliptical is my personal favorite, mostly due to the low impact, but anything that elevates your heart-rate will be fine. 20-30 minutes a day (5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to cool down) three times a week is a great place to begin. Even something as simple as a brisk walk will work. Realistically, pretty much anything that will make you break into a sweat will yield results.

    As far as nutrition goes, look for non-sugar based carbs and keep track of your caloric intake. As long as you are burning more than you are taking in, you will lose weight.

    Good luck and stick with it!


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    Ja selvfølgelig ville det hjælpe dig, som Renesiss2 siger, du har allerede taget det første skridt, og er på vej frem eller ned

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    Also find yourself an free calorie counter online, or use an app. Just remember Energy in v.s. Energy out.. When I refer to “Energy in”, I’m referring to the consumption of food eaten throughout the day.. “Energy out” would be the amount exercise, or calories burned throughout the day.. Any food you eat will serve as energy & nutrition for your body in the form of calories (“Energy In”).. Any type of activity you perform that will burn calories, & build lean muscle (“Energy Out”).. Your body will get leaner, more toned, and be dressed with more lean muscle as both of these numbers rise higher! The Key is balance among Energy In Vs. Energy Out.. Let’s see what happens when these numbers become imbalanced.. So make sure your burning more calories everyday then your eating. Your diet will determine your success, along with cardio and resistance training. Good Luck! Let us know how its going!

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