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    Move an entire workout from one Routine to Another

    I have been using JEFIT for several years now and was pretty unplanned with how I set up my workouts at the beginning (all of them under one "Routine". As I have create more routines to keep variety in my workouts I have found that I have to scroll through a bunch of unrelated workouts (i.e. chest workouts in among my arm workouts) to find the one I want. I need a way to organize my workouts with out deleting the old ones and have to recreate them in a different/new routine.

    Is there a way to move an entire workout from a "Routine" (ARM workouts) to a new "Routine" (Chest workouts)? Drop and drag on the website would be Awesome, but a simple "Assign to XXXX Routine" in the edit function would work too. If there is already a way to do this please let me know.

    I Love the improvements to the app and website over the past year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    Hello Dream_Farmboy,

    We appreciate your support and usage of JEFIT!

    In regards to the question you have asked, unfortunately at the current moment we do not have this functionality yet but this is indeed something that we are looking to include soon into a future update to our applications.

    As we already have a duplicate routine, exercise day and exercises within an exercise day functionality, having the ability to copy days or even an entire routine from one routine to another routine would be extremely beneficial when structuring out your workout routines for the week or ones that you want to follow by mixing multiple routines together.

    We do appreciate your feedback and will be looking to add this feature into a future update soon.

    - Robert
    +1 for me

    I just started using JEFIT and the first thing I did was setup routines for biceps and triceps, with the intent of inserting them into chest, back and shoulder routines. It doesn't make sense to manually build bicep/tricep routine for each day when its mostly duplicated across multiple days. I'd like to see this feature added

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    Thanks for the Response/Update. I will wait anxious but patiently for this functionality upgrade. JEFIT has assisted me like a dedicated workout buddy to a 1 inch gain on my arms on my way to my ultimate goal of 3 inch Gain. Thanks for all your doing to improve the experience for the users. Keep it up.

    Hamiltonia, good to see I am not alone. Maybe if more people reply we can push this upgrade to the top of the priority list

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    Was this feature ever implemented?

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    I would like to see this, too.
    Also, is there a way to copy a workout (a day's workout) to a different routine if using the free plan?

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