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    App that allows you to create meal plans and count calories...

    So I have had a few calorie counting apps and think they are great when I am just trying to figure out my short comings. However now that I am more goal oriented in lean muscle building I want to create a diet plan and follow it.

    So I been looking for an app that combines both the ability to create a daily meal plan and count calories of what I ate if I actually deviate from my plan. Has anyone come across any apps like this? Ideally I would be able to plan the week out and then record what I actually ate.

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    myfitnesspal is outstanding !

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    myFitnessPal is clearly the best one out there... database is huge and you can customize it. entering food is really easy, especially if you re-use the same food.
    you can set your objectives for prot/carb/fat and it always shows what you really eat in a nice graphic.
    it's perfectly integrated with most activity tracker/smart scales (withings, fitbit,...) and main running/cycling gps-based apps.

    only downside ? you cannot link your workout with jeFit... you'll have to manually enter your workout in the cardio exercises if you want to track calories, and in the weight training section if you want to track your workouts (although I don't relly see the point for the latter).

    and, oh yeah... it's free and you can easily export your data using third-party websites (haha... private joke)

    again... must have app ;-)
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    You can try Diet Assistant available on appstore for Android!!

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    MyFitnessPal is definitely the best tracker I've used so far.

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    I used to track calories with fatsecret. Now I don't count my macro everyday. I think, that you can find there some interesting recipes too.
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    I use MyFitnesspal under the same username as I have here. 700 + days & counting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggsamus View Post
    MyFitnessPal is definitely the best tracker I've used so far.

    Agree MFP is great.

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    Best app bar none is MyFitnessPal and I have tried LOADS. I even paid for WeightWatchers for a couple of months just to see what it was like. However it is no way as good as MFP. Just be careful though. There are lots of inaccuracies whereby people have inputted nutritional information incorrectly, or manufacturing companies have updated the nutritional figures on packaging and MFP has not updated.

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    Issue i have with MFP is that you can have the same item of food in the database with 4-6 different stats for it, other then that it is good

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