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    Army Strong Workout Log

    Hello My name is Kenneen D. Cail I currently serve in the military (U.S. Army) under the MOS 25P microwave system tech/operator which is a fancy title for "I make the internet work for the Army". I originally started using JEfit to help track progression of my workouts as well as gains/losses. I've been in the Army for almost 5 years now I'm currently the rank of Specialist or E-4 for anyone who may be reading this and are a little more military orientined. I have a wife and one child. I work rotating shift work which in the Army usually means my sleep schedule is constantly messed up (horrible for gains). I'm currently working nightshift at this particular point in time.

    I'v had the app going for about two weeks off and on, my thought on it in a nut-shell honestly "Eh it's alright". It's not great, but not bad either. I try pretty hard to stay accountable by posting all my workouts, but that can be at times difficult. I think I really want to start this blog/log because I don't always have my phone on me when I go to the gym and of course I'd look pretty rediculous walking about the gym with my 10" tablet trying to track my workout. The JEfit app as whole does serve it's purpose, but it's not always the most partical way of organizing your workouts and tracking progression. Last but not least, I also want to keep a meal log so I can look back on what I've been eating. Something that currently I haven't seen unless it's a feature that only subcribers get then I wouldn't know about it. I think I get the concept that the app is trying to achieve, but for me writing a log at the end of the day all at once is more convienient than whipping out my phone before every exercise timing myself. . . again thats just me.

    So as anyone who's dealt with the Army knows, "Physical Fitness" is one of the many factors on which your job performance, as a professional, is graded some would even argue it can be the finally deciding point between you or a peer being picked up for promotion (which it can). In fact to even continue my career in the Army at all I have to pass a physical fitness test comprised on push up, sit ups, and a two mile run. In order to be retained by the Army I must display the ability to at least perform 42 push ups within 2 minuets 50 sit-ups in 2 minuets and complete the two mile run within 16 and a half minuets. Thats just the standard if I want to actually be considered an example of Excellent Physically Fitness I'd have to perform at least 80 pushups 85-90 situps and complete the 2 mile run in 13minuets. Of course you must also maintain a certain standard weight and body fat percentage as well. For a short time I was able to performer the later in fact surpass it 108 push up 98 situps and I completed my run in 12 minets and 37seconds. That was when I first joined however before I had a wife a child or responsibilities besides being in the gym for 2 plus hours daily lol. I don't blame any of those things for my decrease in fitness however I save that for my increase in drinking picking up dirty habbits like smoking and clubbing and of course late night fast food.

    I wouldn't say I'm in the worst of shape I can still pass my Fitness test with ease I am however constantly falling back forth between my max body weight of 185lb.

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    luckily I'm am always atleast 4% to 3 % under the maximum bodyfat percentage that the Army allows.

    Anyway I noramlly do PT with my unit, however I'm working in some what special enviroment as far as the Military is concerned, the situation leaves most of my physical fitness up to me, which is the way it should be and I perfer it that way anyway. My worksouts as of late have taken a pretty awesome turn, but my diet is the problem I can stay off heavy carbs and sugar for about a week before I start to crave it so much I can't handle it anymore and fall off.

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